Oracle de la Triade (Oracle of Triad)

The meaning of the cards

One of the best decks is the Oracle of Triad because of the strong on – point symbolism in the cards. Here are the short interpretations of the cards. Click on the links on the names of the card for a full interpretation.

  1. Alpha. A new beginning. Cards around tell you more about the nature of this new beginning.
  2. Isolation. Stagnation. Blockages. Problems in relationships.
  3. Delta. A spiritual card. The all-seeing eye. Vision. Surveillance. Being seen.
  4. Lie. Criminality, betrayal and lying.
  5. Water. A cleansing. A young woman or a young mother. Femininity and fashion.
  6. Root. The past. The family.
  7. Door. Solution. Change. Opportunity. A way in or out of a situation.
  8. Nadir. Feeling lost. The darkness right before you see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  9. Wisdom. Intelligence. Understanding. Scholar. Philosopher.
  10. Success. Money. Award. Achievement.

  11. Temptation. Manipulation. Charming person with bad morals.
  12. Seal. Important document. Group situations. Attention from others.
  13. Penitence. Conviction. Pain. Guilt. Missing someone.
  14. Man. A man.
  15. Love. Marriage. True and sincere love.
  16. Mutation. Changes but nonetheless on the way to success. Problems and difficulties though in relationships.
  17. Energy. New project. Work.
  18. Science. Thinking. Learning. Applying knowledge. Discussing science.
  19. Prayer. Asking. Begging. Praying. Hoping. Religious person.
  20. Error. Mistake that you are might not be aware of. Blaming the wrong reason or person. Being wrong.
  21. Blessing. Manifesting your desires. Creativity. Help and support. Calling support.
  22. Choice. You have several choices in front of you. Considering a divorce in relationships. Going separate ways. But a new person might be present already. New opportunities at work.

  23. Peace. A poetic mind. Finding inner peace or trying to do that.
  24. Wealth. Money. Visiting the bank. An investment. A big loan.
  25. Woman. A woman.
  26. Ordeal. Difficulties, hurdles, and traps on the way to success. Very difficult communication with others.
  27. Doubt. Not trusting anything or anyone, not even oneself. You are not listening or paying attention. You already know the answer.
  28. Protection. You are safe. The bad thing you are afraid of is not going to happen. You are completely fine.
  29. Elevation. Usually, an improvement. Becoming more spiritual. Taking the elevator or climbing a mountain. Flying.
  30. Forgiveness. Relief. Getting over a disappointment.
  31. Order. Communication. Oratory talent. Speech. Speaking up. Interviews with people and marketing.
  32. Illusion: Misunderstanding. Playing a role. Creative work. Video, filming, acting.
  33. Birth. New project. Child. Mother. Pregnancy. The home. Your own inner world.
  34. Initiation. Research. Preparation. Studies. Typing and writing. Computers.
  35. Necessity. A crisis. The cards around show what you need to do and what might be expected of you.
  36. Travel. Long distance relationship. Remote communication. A foreigner.
  37. Light. Comedian. Laughing. Happiness and success. Wishes coming true. Realization.
  38. Weapon. Fight. Weapons of all kinds. Attack, verbal or physical. Angel.
  39. Message. Chatting. A messenger. Communication with friends. News. A person from another country.
  40. Misfortune. Bad luck. Disease. Sickness. Depression. Too many problems. Exhausted.

  41. Justice. Health. Balance. Even. Emotional balance.
  42. Desert. Introspection. You are on your own. Physical attraction but not many emotions.
  43. Key. Solution. Renewal. Problems are solved. Things are looking up.
  44. Lightning. Karma. Destruction. Unexpected loss. Disturbing news.
  45. Time. Delay. Stagnation. Old.
  46. Sacrifice. Being used or abused. Blood. Making sacrifices.
  47. Eternity. Stability. Faith. Could represent masculinity or a father figure.
  48. Soul. Letting go. Freedom. Escaping.
  49. Opponent. Enemy. Rage. Hate.
  50. Papyrus. Contract. Paperwork. Blog. Writing.
  51. Return. A person will get back to you after a delay. Someone will return.
  52. Silence. The silent treatment. Reflection.
  53. Meditation. Teaching and coaching. Learning from experience. Meditation. Reflection.
  54. Death. The painful end of a relationship. Negative thinking.
  55. Fusion. Connection with someone. Collaboration. Meeting. Talking with people. A group. Pregnancy. Wedding. Engagement.
  56. Brother. Sister. Brother. Neighbor. The sign of Gemini. Two men, two brothers. Good friends.
  57. Omega. End of a cycle. A new cycle is about to begin.