The Lenormand Cards

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The Lenormand cards are believed to have been invented by a French fortune teller named Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand.

She must have lived in France at the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century.

The cards were successfully used to predict the future of people such as Napoleon's Josephine.

She reportedly published her own books and was jailed several times due to the controversies she created. She is said to have told Josefine that Napoleon was going to divorce her, long before this happened, and Napoleon was so enraged that he imprisoned her.

She wrote several books in which she revealed secrets only she knew about among others Josephine.


Lenormand card meanings

  1. The Rider. News. Someone or something new comes into your life.
  2. The Clover. Temporary luck.
  3. The Ship. Travel. Business.
  4. The House. The home. The house. Private life. Tradition.
  5. The Tree. Health. Remedy. Doctor.
  6. The Clouds. Sadness. Problems. Unclear. Confusion.
  7. The Snake. Manipulative person. Seduction.
  8. The Coffin. Sadness. End.
  9. The Flowers. Creativity. Gift.
  10. The Scythe. Accident. Injury.
  11. The Whip. Arguments. Conflict.
  12. The Birds. Conversation. Gossip. Two people. Connection.
  13. The Child. Play. Child. New beginning.
  14. The Fox. Deception. Scam. Cunning.
  15. The Bear. Power. Stronger. Boss.
  16. The Stars. Hope. Inspiration. Spirituality. Astrology. Nighttime.
  17. The Stork. Change. Birth. Moving. Transition in life.
  18. The Dog. Friend. Follower.
  19. The Tower. Isolation. Government.
  20. The Garden. Social life. Society.
  21. The Mountain. Obstacle.
  22. The Crossroads. Choices. Opportunities. Separation. Travel.
  23. The Mice. Theft. Destruction.
  24. The Heart. Love. Romance. Goodness. Making up.
  25. The Ring. Marriage. Commitment. Meeting. Cooperation.
  26. The Book. Research. Finding out. Studies. Knowledge.
  27. The Letter. Information. Email. Message. Paperwork. Note. Documents.
  28. The Man. The male querent or a man in the querents life.
  29. The Woman. The female querent or a woman in a querent’s life.
  30. The Lilly. Old age. Wisdom. Morality and ethics.
  31. The Sun. Happiness. Success.
  32. The Moon. Emotions. The Mother. Intuition.
  33. The Key. Solutions. Renewal. Good opportunity. Liberation. The last piece of the puzzle.
  34. The Fish. Money. Gain.
  35. The Anchor. Stability. Long term. Resilience.
  36. The Cross. Karma. Suffering.


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