31. Order (Oracle de la triade) - Speaking out

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The card Order has to do with the sense of control that we have in life, but also with control over other people.

Thus, the card is associated with authority and our attitude to it. Additionally, the card is associated with order, rules, procedures, schedules, and organization.

Mostly, the card is positive.

Personality: A conservative, authoritarian, inflexible, jealous personality who nonetheless values his own independence and autonomy. On the other side the person is inwardly weak, fragile. He or she needs rules and routines to feel in control of the situation. The card can also indicate a talent for writing and painting.

Love and relationships: The card means that important changes will occur in a relationship or in relationships. A new meeting produces important or good results. If you meet a new person that you like the relationship can evolve into a steady relationship and lead to marriage. In an already established relationship, the card may indicate greater closeness.

Money: Something unforeseen occurs. The requested loan is accepted. More money can be earned or appear over time. Can indicate management of a fortune, an inheritance.

Profession and work situation: The card is associated with professions related to communication and politics. New responsibilities appear, and it is important to develop an integrative system. The person the reading is for may have oratorical talent.

Personal or spiritual development: Usually, the card indicates a change of perspective. You are intuitive and can work as a medium.

Keywords: Command. Power. Government. Chef. Deed. Revelation. Announcement. Revelations. Disclosure. Lungs. The bronchi.

Order in combination with other cards:

1. Alpha: You create order in your life or reorganize your existence. 
2 Isolation: disobedience and problems with authority.
3 Delta: Great confidence, intuition is infallible.
5 Water: You get control of the situation, you perform well. 
6 Rot: You have to gain ground and to find stability.
8 Nadir: disorder and chaos.
10 Success: professional development.
12 Seal: A proposition for agreement.
13 Penance: Resentment toward others.
20 Mistake: bad choices, wrong direction.
26 Ordeal: Pitfalls and difficulties which hinder the smooth functioning of things
27 Doubt: Do not follow someone's bad advice.
30 Forgiveness: Return to the previous decision.
45 Time: Difficulties in implementation.
50 Papyrus: You need to get order in your papers.
51 Return: You must take a step back in order to solve the problem in your life.