1. Alpha (Oracle de la triade) - New beginning

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Alpha is about new beginnings in some area of life.

Surrounding cards or the question itself can tell you what this new beginning will be about. Usually, the new beginning will create opportunity to learn and develop.

Keywords: Beginning of cycle. Start. Novelty. New. The head. The hair. A name starting with A. The first or “first”.

Personality and character: Ambitious, determined, curious, and innocent.

Love and relationships: A new relationship begins. Other cards can tell you more.

Money: New job. New project that will help you earn more or provide you with a new source of income.

Work: Changes and new beginnings. Independent work. Starting a new business.

Personal or spiritual development: New lessons in life; help underway on a new spiritual quest.

Alpha doesn't form combinations to other cards. Additional cards help you know how things will develop and what direction new things will take.