13. Penitence (Oracle de la triade) - Guilt

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The picture reinforces the feeling of loneliness, passivity, and penance.

The naked body from behind with arms crossed behind the head, reminds of helplessness or coercion. The card is associated with captivity and slavery where there is no resistance and no revolt.

The card is heavy. It is associated with blockages, difficult circumstances.

13 is associated with accident and misfortune, the 13th traitor in Christianity, the 13 evil spirits of the Kabbalah.

Personality: A person lacking personality, lacking confidence, a weak person, a submissive and passive person. The card also symbolizes a severe traumatic childhood whose effects can be vices.

Love and relationships: A time of much confusion. Sexual abstinence, problems in partnerships and in relationships due to lack of communication. Distance.

Money: Mismanaged finances because of many expenses; you can also lend money to unscrupulous people. The problems that you have are not easy to solve.

Profession and work situation: Depending on others, subordinate position. The person lacks initiative and ambition and needs help to develop.

Personal or spiritual development: This card shows a cloudy period during which the person feels abandoned. Becoming aware of what is missing becomes eventually clear, so personal development and change can take place.

Keywords: Punishment. Conviction. Remorse. The back. Vertebrates. Stalking. Targeting.

Penitence in combination with other cards:

2 Isolation: Forced isolation, even prison.
4 Lie: There is a tendency to exaggerate.
6 Root: Heavy past, difficult family circumstances.
8 Nadir: Depression, total despair.
9 Wisdom: We should take advantage of all the free time we have to come back into balance.
10 Success: It is a sign of a turnaround.
14 Man: It's a sign of subservience to a man.
18 Science: It is a sign of medical examinations.
20 Failure: This is a sign of a need for action.
22 Choice: it is a sign that we are responsible for what happens.
25 Woman: It's a sign of submission to a woman.
32 Illusion: it is a sign that one shouldn’t complicate things. 
41 Justice: It is a sign of an improvement, healing.
42 Desert: It's a sign of great loneliness.
43 Key: It is a sign that the situation will improve despite blockages.
45 Time: It is a sign of delays.
48 Soul: It's a sign that you feel guilty.
49 Opponent: Conviction.
51 Return: It is a sign of a need to start from scratch.
56 Brother: A dispute between friends.