5. Water (Oracle de la triade) - Femininity

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Water is associated with femininity, the subconscious, passivity.

The card is related to the mother. The card is also about spiritual incarnations.

Personality: Intuitive, sensitive, calm, pleasant, dreamy, carefree. Can sometimes be too idealistic, but creative. Appreciates what is beautiful.

Love and relationships: Harmony and sweetness, but lack of enthusiasm. Routine can be avoided by being a bit more demonstrative.

Money: Money is not that important to you. Yet, with a little caution the situation can improve.

Work: Fashion, design. Typical female jobs. In business, there is a lack of ambition. You might not make progress because you’re too passive.

Spirituality: Spiritual life is important; there is knowledge in this area. A spiritual guide.

Keywords: Creativity. Fecundity. Soil. Purification. Rain. Sanity. Fertility. Femininity. The mother. Passivity. Uterus. Abdomen

Water in combination with other cards:

22 Choice: A desire to have more autonomy at work.
32 Illusion: Alcoholism.
33 Birth: A birth.
40 Misfortune: Drowning.