42. Desert (Oracle de la triade) - On your own

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Problems and difficulties can be overcome. Loneliness, difficulties in relationships. Introspection.

Personality: A thin person, who does not lie with ease. Relationships with others remain sterile. A mystic.

Love and relationships: Love is absent. Lack of emotions, emotional vacuum, although there is physical attraction.

Money: There may be less financial problems, but you should not rely on others but should try to solve financial problems on your own.

Profession and work situation: A period in which efforts are made without success. Professions associated with natural resources: oil, gas, minerals, etc.

Personal or spiritual development: A period of soul-searching on your own.

Keywords: Solitude. Void. Passivity. Inaction. Absence. The skin. Aridity. Sterility.

Desert in combination with other cards:

2 Isolation: deep loneliness, communication problems
4 Lie: false hopes
8 Nadir: failure
10 Success: Late success with your projects
11 Temptation: a romantic relationship stagnates. Possibly a psychopath.
14 Man: a man with relationship problems or difficulties in contacting a man
17 Energy: fatigue.
21 Blessing: trust your own intuition; before you act you should wait, right now it’s not the right moment
24 Wealth: Financial problems disappear.
25 Woman: problems in contact with others, or with a woman.
26 Ordeal: a time of loneliness
27 Doubt: lack of trust or confidence, and you will therefore take no initiative
32 Illusion: the tendency to chase after chimeras
33 Birth: a remedy
34 Initiation: take a step back so you can put things in perspective
35 Necessity: need to rest.
40 Suffering: depression.
45 Time: stagnation
46 Sacrifice: The obligation to make concessions.
49 Opponent: someone is trying to manipulate you.
51 Return: change.
52 Silence: it is a sign of a need for solitude.
56 Brother: true dreams.
57 Omega: a phase in life end