46. Sacrifice (Oracle de la triade) - Abuse

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This is a somewhat negative card symbolizing violence.

It speaks of delays, pain, sacrifice, and victimization. The underlying problem might be lies and envy.

At the same time, this card sometimes indicates that we sometimes should make sacrifices. To have something we sometimes need to give up something.

Personality: The person has had a difficult childhood, and, in their soul, they carry a melancholy that creates pain. The person is nonetheless generous and dedicated, something that creates a certain inner satisfaction. But whatever the sacrifices that person makes, he or she will not get much in return. The person is suffering from an inferiority complex and no matter how much he or she fights, goals aren’t always reached. Interest in the material side of life is not so great. In their 40s the person will be using spirituality to flourish.

Love: The relationship is characterized by a painful passivity and submission in the relationship prevails. This does not promote understanding and harmony. It is the fear of loneliness that makes you stay in the relationship. You might not want to break the established routine. Freeing yourself from the relationship is very important. You can get rid of the shackles so that you can begin a new relationship with someone else. On the other hand, the card may indicate an obsession with an old relationship that has failed, and it is difficult to let go. You feel you have lost the love of your life. It is time to overcome the past and move on.

Money: The situation is complicated but if you give it attention problems will be solved. Patience and endurance are recommended.

Profession and work situation: Professions that have to do with wine or sharp instruments such as surgeons, butchers. At work, you have a subordinate position. Your work has significant limitation and the situation seems monotonous. Also, your attitude is problematic, as you can become your own biggest enemy. Through certain measures, through action, the situation could change. The card can also indicate that a project does not go as you want, but the failure is temporary.

Personal or spiritual development: You need to take a step back to put things in perspective. Either you are not really trying, or you have sacrificed too much, but you got a lot in return. Leave everything aside and meditate. Get in touch with the subconscious intelligence that is within you and you will understand where you made mistakes and learn important lessons. Once you have learned from the situation you can go ahead.

Keywords: Self-giving. Gift of giving. Effort. Transcendence. Heart. Teeth. Vein system.

Sacrifice in combination with other cards:

2 Isolation: depression.
6 Rot: the events of the past have left permanent traces
8 Nadir: desperation and dark thoughts.
10 Success: efforts are rewarded.
12 Seal: success and recognition at work and in professional life.
13 Penance: self-destruction.
20 Mistake: the need to avoid compromises and to hold on to what you believe.
24 Wealth: do not spend too much because a period of economic limitation begins.
32 Illusion: Fatalism and a poor assessment of the situation.
35 Necessity: We must focus more on what we want.
36 Travel: A change is causing trouble and inconvenience.
37 Light: efforts will yield good results.
38 Weapon: suicide or suicidal person.
40 Suffering: Death in the family
42 Desert: efforts are in vain.
48. Soul: Recovery from a wound or disease; escape; flight;
49 Opponent: manipulative person or occult forces manipulates the questioner
54 Death: can mean an accident. Sudden stop.