41. Justice (Oracle de la triade) - Balance

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The card Justice symbolizes equilibrium and balance. The card is associated with the sign of Libra, symbolizing justice, measure, order, and a perfect balance between conflicting forces.

Personality: An honest, fair, balanced, person that tries to create harmony around him or her. The person may be interested in ecology as part of the effort to protect the environment. The person has a certain magnetism and works sometimes with healing.

Love and relationships: You are about to restore the balance and the equilibrium in your relationship.

Money: The financial situation is balanced. If there is difficulty, the card announces that the problems will disappear.

Profession and work situation: Diplomatic professions. You receive praise or recognition for your job.

Personal or spiritual development: Tensions between daily stress and the need for spirituality, personal development, and peace and quiet. There arises, however, a balance.

Keywords: Health. Cure. Balance. Sanity. Harmony. Diplomacy. Justice. Measurement. Measure. Environment. Hands and feet. Circulatory system.

Justice in combination with other cards:

2 Isolation: prejudices hinder the development of relationships with others.
3 Delta: The situation is under control.
8 Nadir: confusion.
12 Seal: professional progress.
13 Penance: health problems.
22 Choice: the choices made will determine the new balance.
26 Ordeal: minor health problems.
30 Forgiveness: no apologies.
33 Birth: the project will be realized or news about a birth.
37 Light: all the effort is worthwhile and your reach your goals, desires fulfilled
38 Weapon: lawsuits and other problems
40 Suffering: may indicate disease
49 Opponent: serious health problems