20. Error (Oracle de la triade) - Bad judgement

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The card has a rich symbolism that goes back to the biblical story of Cain and Abel.

A reminder of the original sin, because the apple was bitten, and Cain killed Abel. Two crosses represent the soul. As confirmation, you see the words Cain and Sin (the word Sin is in English).

The number 20 is associated with the eternal struggle between the opposing forces of good and evil. Furthermore, number 2 is associated with duality. Usually, the card points out a mistake.

Personality: The card represents a selfish person usually that isn’t honest, and what is often unscrupulous. There might be much wishful thinking. He or she is pretentious, provocative, and bears a heavy burden from the past.

Love and relationships: Failure in relationships, or in the relationship that one has. You might be with the wrong partner.

Money: An unstable financial situation. Too many mistakes, too many expenses, mismanagement. As a matter of fact, though, the person can turn the situation around for the better.

Profession and work situation: Failure is not associated with any profession. The card emphasizes above all discomfort at the current job. He or she might feel misplaced and should therefore change jobs.  

Personal or spiritual development: Spirituality and personal growth does not create anxiety or concerns for the questioner. The material aspects are the most important.

Keywords: FAULT. SIN. FAILURE. GUIT. FALLACY. MISCONCEPTION. Garbage? Dirt? Bafflement. Distraction. Mouth. Teeth. Throat. Violation. Infraction. Feeling like a failure or someone telling you that you are not good enough.

Error in combination with other cards:

5 Water: Pregnancy problems.
11 Temptation: An emotional or professional relationship with no future.
21 Blessing: A bad deal.
33 Birth: Problems during pregnancy.
34 Initiation: Fake signature. Pressing the wrong button. Malfunction? False alert?
35 Necessity: A situation is doomed to failure.
38 Weapon: An insoluble dispute or a dismissal.
40 Suffering: Debt, or guilt.
42 Desert: Loneliness, you must rely on itself.
46 Sacrifice: Suicide attempts.
50 Papyrus: A bad deal.