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The light blue background symbolizes both the sky and water.

A handsome male face, partially hidden by a palm that fills half of the board is blessing the consultant. Other cards with similar backgrounds include Elevation, Justice, Silence, and Eternity. These cards are also rich in symbolism and usually favorable cards. 

Above the eyebrow, the sign of Alpha, a symbol of divine inspiration. Omega and Alpha is the beginning and end. The infinity symbol is on the thumb and the little finger with plus and minus symbols. This combination reminds us of the human capacity to create and give shape to one’s vision. 

On the middle finger the symbol of Phi is referring to the principle of individuality. Phi is also another symbol for Saturn. The wavy symbol of water in the three different corners amplifies the symbolic blessing. 

21 is associated with individuality (1) which is organized in the cosmic duality (20). Two plus one equals three, an important number in many religious traditions, as the Christian trinity or the Christian blessing – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In many cultures and traditions, 21 is the adult age and emancipation from parents.

Personality: A young, prudent, independent, thorough individual. The person may also face problems and end up in complicated situations. The person feels an attraction to the sea and water in general.

Love and relationships: The card suggests friendship and love. In a relationship, you can trust your partner and he can trust you. Your relationship is happy and creates emotional satisfaction. The card can also mean engagement.

Money: The situation is stable but could be better if you accept someone's help, or some expert help, help from a friend or acquaintance, or from someone who is enlightened on the subject.

Profession and work situation: The blessing is a favorable period for everything related to work. The card is mainly associated with manual occupations (including painting, writing). Together with other cards such as …

6 Rot: carpenter, cabinetmaker.
17 Energy: healer.
18 Science: surgeon.
26 Ordeal: Bureaucrat.

Personal or spiritual development: A favorable period for spiritual development. Water can play a big role in the mental cleansing process. Liberation from karma.

Keywords: BAPTISM. BLESSING. CEREMONY. TRUST. Fulfillment. Autonomy. Responsibility. Freedom. Hands. Kidneys. Bladder.

Blessing in combination with other cards:

6 Root: Association or meeting with someone from the past.
8 Nadir: Betrayed trust.
26 Ordeal: Problems with a contract.
32 Illusion: An agreement that will not produce the desired results.
38 Weapon: Friendly solutions or compromises.
44 Lightning: Failure at the last minute due to backing off.
46 Sacrifice: You should consider making a confession.