54. Death (Oracle de la triade) - Negativity

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The card can represent physical death, or thoughts of death, if the card is surrounded by other negative cards, otherwise it indicates the end of a cycle and changes in attitudes.

Death is about a return to the higher union. The seven rays symbolize the soul leaving the body, the end of a phase in life and the beginning of another life.

Personality: Mentally fragile, unstable, requiring permanent changes, inclination toward dark thoughts, depression. The person does not deal with problems in a constructive way but tends to see problems as a curse.

Love and relationships: A painful separation because the couple experienced problems such as routine in love without deep and sincere feelings. Those who have many short relationships in the short term, should change behavior and look for something deeper.

Money: The financial situation is complex and the other cards in the spread can tell you more.

Profession and work situation: Jobs related to death and burial, for example, forensic doctor, detective, criminal police etc. In a broader sense, Death means that you should turn the page and start over regarding work.

Personal or spiritual development: To advance spiritually, you need introspection. Dreams regarding missing persons.

Keywords: Entity. Transformation. Upset. Painful ending. Negative thinking. Death. Bones. Joints.

Death in combination with other cards:

1 Alpha: a new beginning.
2 Isolation: withdrawal
4 Lie: things go wrong.
8 Nadir: everything is pretty bad, the situation is blocked
10 Success: objectives achieved
11 Temptation: Ending a relationship
12 Seal: unexpected contract
13 Penance: regret
16 Mutation: an important stage in life
19 Prayer: bad news or news of a death.
21 Blessing: the requirements are met
26 Ordeal: changes at the professional level
29 Elevation: a clear evolution
32 Illusion: appearances are deceptive.
35 Necessity: a total reversal.
36 Travel: trips canceled.
38 Weapon: divorce, separations.
40 Suffering: bankruptcy, ruin
42 Desert: complete failure
44 Lightning: Loss that upsets.
48 Soul: a deep change
49 Opponent: we are bound to the hands and feet in front of the enormous difficulties that we are facing
50 Papyrus: new grounds and new negotiations
57 Omega: an end and a new beginning