25. Woman (Oracle de la triade) - A female

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The card is about the feminine spirit and feminine influence.

Associated with the feminine is passivity, mysticism, obedience, but the feminine principle is in men too.

You can only see half of a face on the picture because a woman is not complete without the male side or the male counterpart.

The card is associated with Venus (beauty, love) and the Moon (emotions).

Personality: A nice, sweet, sentimental woman, who nevertheless holds many secrets. She likes to seduce but would not herself take the initiative.

Love and relationships: Wife, girlfriend or mistress. A meeting, an important connection.

Money: Negligence could lead to economic problems that need to be resolved otherwise, problems may worsen.

Profession and work situation: The card can mean the empowerment of women at work, but also a lack of interest in work.

Personal or spiritual development: The questioner has spiritual protection.

Keywords: GIRL. Feminine. IDEAL. Passivity. Sensibility. Breasts. Uterus. Menstruation.

Woman in combination with other cards:

2 Isolation: widow
12 Seal: An important woman at work.
50 Papyrus: a woman is important at the professional level.
55 Fusion: engagement in the future.