51. Return (Oracle de la triade) - Repetition

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The card is associated with life cycles and patterns that repeat themselves.

We tend to go back to the same things and themes.

Personality: A very complex, selfish, proud, possessive, domineering individual that is sometimes unpleasant. He or she is secretive, mysterious. One does not know where one has this person and you cannot predict the person's actions. Yet there is an inner sensitivity that enables him or her to enjoy music and poetry.

Love and relationships: The relationship is suffocating and at the breaking point. Upon separation, the card announces that the partner returns.

Money: The situation is unstable. Problems don’t have to do with luck but with how money are managed. You get the money back from someone.

Profession and work situation: Return refers to professions in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. Otherwise, the card means that the client is doing multiple tasks simultaneously and has had several previous jobs. The card can indicate that the person in the profession, is going in circles.

Personal or spiritual development: The person is sincere and disciplined in search of himself. He or she completes a cycle and start the next.

Keywords: Recent past. Trying again. Backwards. Reminder. Intestines. Genital organs. Menstruation.

Return in combination with other cards:

1 Alpha: You start from zero. You start from the beginning. You go back and redo something or do things you used to do in the past.
2 Isolation: sinking in oneself, self-centeredness
4 Lie: the person who cheated and who lied returns.
7 Door: you refuse to go a certain way, you go back
11 Temptation: an old relationship is renewed
13 Penance: an obstacle, evolution is temporarily blocked.
16 Mutation: regression.
20 Mistake: history repeats itself, the same mistakes are made
29 Elevation: changes in the questioner's life is slow.
30 Forgiveness: prior agreement is challenged and you must negotiate
34 Initiation: to make progress, you must first take a course or go through a preparation
38 Weapon: disputes and possibly lawsuit
45 Time: delays
52 Silence: need to rest
56 Brother: old acquaintances are renewed