38. Weapon (Oracle de la triade) - Conflict

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Weapon is a negative card and it can symbolize extreme violence, uncontrolled passion, evil and conflict.

Red is associated with Mars, the planet of war. A weapon can, however, also be used in self-defense.

Personality: A person that goes through internal conflicts and that has problems with authority figures, especially with the father. The person is tough, looking for violence and conflict.

Love and relationships: The relationship goes through endless conflicts and a separation is probably the best solution.

Money: Financial problems accumulate; the financial situation becomes chaotic.

Profession and work situation: The card Weapon is about lawyers and military occupations. Otherwise and in general the card indicates hierarchical conflicts.

Personal or spiritual development: Atheism, and difficulties in finding back to spirituality.

Crime reading: Attack; weapon; gun; in the 4th house – family attacked. Weapon and Science: trauma to the head, or attack at the head, but can also indicate that there is evidence of the weapon used in an attack or murder.

Keywords: Fight. Separation. Crime. Quarrel. Weapon. Tongue. Mouth. Attack. Accident.

Weapon in combination with other cards:

2 Isolation: serious problems with the surrounding environment
3 Delta: conflict resolution.
4 Lie: a person in your circle of friends lies.
6 Rot: family conflicts
8 Nadir: trouble with the law
10 Success: Success for a short period of time
11 Temptation: Unrestrained sexuality
12 Seal: Violation of contract, termination of contract.
13 Penance: Conviction in court
14 Man: conflict with a man.
15 Love: Divorce or anger

18 Energy: gun
22 Choice: think before you act, otherwise you will regret your actions. Fighting with several people;
23 Peace: The conflict has become less intense.
25 Female: conflict with a woman.
26 Ordeal: a rupture of contract or termination.
32 Illusion: do not look for conflicts where there are not any.
33 Birth: miscarriage.
39 Message: bad news, angry message
40 Suffering: death, murder
41 Justice: trial and punishment
44 Lightning: cardiac arrest or suicidal tendencies.
46 Sacrifice: suicide.
49 Opponent: occult work.
50 Papyrus: dismissal, breach of contract
54 Death: murder, morbid thoughts
55 Fusion: Divorce