40. Misfortune (Oracle de la triade) - Suffering

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The card is talking about unhappiness, sadness, and is perhaps even more negative than Nadir, which promises light at the end of the tunnel.

Suffering indicates a terrible fate that may be irreversible. It can mean the loss of a loved one, submission, or sadness and despair.

Personality: A complicated person that is pessimistic, colorless, and that lives in misery. A dull and sad person.

Love: Boring and difficult relationships or tough times. Possible abuse and violence in relationships.

Money: Big problems, but you can ask for help from the environment otherwise you might not be able to make it financially on your own.

Profession and work situation: Usually the card means unemployment and layoffs.

Personal or spiritual development: A difficult period. Lack of energy because the person is enslaved, manipulated.

Keywords: Suffering. Depression. Disability. Death. Loss. Sickness. Misery. Wickedness. Big trouble. Evil. The back. The bones.

Misfortune in combination with other cards:

2 Isolation: total withdrawal, great interior suffering. Arrest. Getting cornered.
3 Delta: death around the questioner
4 Lie: Self destructive behavior, extortion or suicide.
5 Water: Risk of accidents that have to do with water.
6 Rot: Very sick family member.
8 Nadir: Victim of manipulation.
11 Temptation: A pause.
14 Man: Serious problems with a man
15 Love: separation, divorce or loss of a loved one.
17 Energy: You must look after your health.
19 Prayer: A loss leaves deep wounds.
25 Female: Serious problems with a woman.
26 Ordeal: All projects are locked, it takes persistence to get away from all the problems.
29 Elevation: You learn something from a difficult period of time. 
32 Illusion: Despair, or drug abuse
34 Initiation: you have learned from your mistakes.
37 Light: All problems can be solved.
38 Weapon: morbid thoughts or suicide.
41 Justice: Everything is resolved in the end.
42 Desert: extreme solitude
43 Key: We must recover.
44 Lightning: unexpected illness or unexpected health impairment.
46 Sacrifice: Despair, suicidal thoughts
49 Opponent: Someone else has power over us.
54 Death: death or change to the worse.
55 Fusion: separation
56 Brother: the loss of a friend
57 Omega: a bad period ends.