9. Wisdom (Oracle de la triade) - Understanding

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Wisdom symbolizes an interest to learn and understand more.

The Eye of Horus was in Ancient Egypt initially a symbol of weight, but became increasingly associated with wisdom, abundance, and fertility.

Keywords: Goodness. Honesty. Benevolence. Confidence. Knowledge. Receptivity. Intelligence. Transformation. Concentration. Feet. Ankles.

Personality: A modest, good, honest, person that sometimes can be a bit mysterious and that likes to share everything he or she knows with other people. 

Relationships and love: Love in a couple is sincere and deep. There is harmony in the relationship. In a new relationship, love grows and gets stronger. The relationship has a future.

Money: The financial situation is stable and can even improve.

Work: Volunteer work, generous. Good relationships at work. Progress is made slowly but surely.

Spirituality: Harmony. The consultant is seeking his spiritual identity and finds strength in past events.

Wisdom in combination with other cards:

2 Isolation: An independent mind, lonely, likes solitude.
8 Nadir: Knowing, being aware of something bad. (Nadir and silence – knowing something bad and keeping it a secret). 
10 Success: A cultivated person, scholar, competent.
41 Justice: Psychologist or analyst.
53 Meditation: A spiritual teacher or guide appears in the life of the consultant.