26. Ordeal (Oracle de la triade) - Tests and trials

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The card is for students who go through tests and examinations.

Additionally, it symbolizes challenges you must go through to keep your job or it might even show the job search process. But the tests you are subjected to can also adopt other expressions: you might, for example, face a mystery or a puzzle that you are trying to solve. Sometimes the card stands for karmic debts that have accumulated. Watch out, because you can want something that is unrealistic.

Personality: A person with a difficult adolescence, introvert, easily influenced. He or she suffers and becomes easily overwhelmed by events, which could lead to aggression.

Love and relationships: Difficult relationships with the surrounding environment and in intimate relationships, or both. The person does not know how to communicate and is unhappy in relationships.

Money: A difficult period when nothing is going very well. Unexpected difficulties crop up and lead to unhappiness or unlucky events. The problems are temporary and by confronting the problems, you will grow as a person.

Profession and work situation: Traps delaying the development in career. Delayed progress. Success will however come to you after great efforts. Do not give up!

Personal or spiritual development: Ask yourself the important questions, challenge your ideas. You are on the right path.

Keywords: DIFFICULTY. OBSTACLE. DELAY. TRAP. WORK. EXAM. Unexpected. Intestines. Digestion. Circulation.

Ordeal in combination with other cards:

1 Alpha: A new opportunity or a new job.
6 Root: Complications with the family or with someone from your past
11 Temptation Problems in a romantic relationship.
13 Penance: administrative or social problems.
27 Doubt: delays and complications in socio-professional issues.
30 Forgiveness: A contract is made or a renewal of a relationship.
31 Order: Problems with authority in general
36 Travel: problems with travel and in business.
39 Message: Bad news.
41 Justice: disease.
45 Time: procrastination
54 Death: Change of perspective