22. Choice (Oracle de la triade) - Possiblities

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The red road in the picture that with multiple directions is talking about choices, decisions, and the need to choose a path to follow.

But the card also stresses the choices that human beings have. The square is rather a symbol of our four cardinal points. The four words are in Persian - the name of the four winds. The number 22 is special in occultism and represent opposites (2) of the cosmic whole (20).

Personality: A hesitant, indecisive, confused person that jumps from one decision to the other. Usually, this person lets someone else choose. With positive cards, Choice can be a person however that decides based on a sense of responsibility.

Love: Undetermined emotions, swinging between liking and not liking the other. It may mean that one needs to choose between two people. Staying or leaving might also be the big question.

Money: The card symbolizes mostly a new opportunity that can help improve one's financial situation. It is also important to make sure you are not wasting money or making the wrong decisions that can weaken your finances. Other cards will tell you more about what the options are.

Profession and work situation: Your work situation is unstable. A change is imminent. The card is not associated with any profession.

Personal or spiritual development: Loss of faith, a period of doubt. Questions will not be answered; one is afraid that the wrong choice will be made or that the wrong thing will be done.

Keywords: Confrontation. Free will. Possibilities. Reflection. Stomach. Gall bladder.

Choice in combination with other cards:

2 Isolation: Choices and decisions made will determine what the outcome will be.
6 Root: Hasty decisions.
31 Order: It is important to decide to change things.
35 Necessity: Decisions must be made to avoid stagnation and lack of development.
42 Desert: To choose or not to choose. Treat your problems with patience.
44 Lightning: Irrational impulsive decisions.
48 Soul: We should trust your gut feeling, intuition.
51 Return: A decision that you will regret.
53 Meditation: You should rely on intuition.