18. Science (Oracle de la triade) - Thinking

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Alchemy, philosophy, and astronomy (or rather astrology) is the mother of all sciences.

Here is the basis for scientific thinking and we also have the symbols of the planets in the solar system. One also sees Greek and Hebrew symbols, which have left traces of knowledge that are valid even today.

The human profile on the card is embedded in all the words, symbols, and formulas to show that science leads man to see beyond.

"Sator-Rotas-Arepo Tenet Opera Rotas", the so-called Sator-square as well as other symbols associated with alchemy, makes this card interesting, fascinating, and complicated.

The number 18 is basically about solidarity, love.

The card is associated with a lot of thinking.

Personality: A meticulous, analytical person. The person thinks a lot and when conversing with him and her, many points are raised and made. New thoughts appear. Sometimes he or she can though seem very uncertain.

Love and relationship: The relationship lacks spontaneity but isn’t doomed to fail but continues instead with the established routine. For people who have just started a relationship, the relationship is further developed but the process is slow. Patience is needed otherwise the relationship will end.

Money: You do not have any financial worries and money is well managed. As you avoid liabilities and loans there is consequently no quick progress when it comes to projects.

Profession and work situation: Stability and continuity at work. The card is aimed at all branches of research in general and some more specific occupations in combination with other cards.


3 Delta Technology.
6 Root: Archaeology.
14 Man: Ethnology.
17 Energy: Physics or Chemistry.
19 Prayer: Theology.
33 Birth: Gynecology.
34 Initiation: Initial scientific research.
41 Justice: Medicine.
48 Soul: Psychology and psychiatry.

Personal or spiritual development: The card refers to a critical need to refer to different ways of thinking, risk of dogmatic thinking.

Keywords: Math. Chemistry. Medicine. Physics. Exoscience. Astrology. Knowledge. Research. Alchemy. Head. The psyche. Memory.

Science in combination with other cards:

2 Isolation: Bitterness.
6 Root: Research of the past. Genealogy.
8 Nadir: Occult, black magic.
11 Temptation: A manipulative person.
13 Penance: the situation can be turned against you
15 Love: romantic interest in someone
16 Mutation: Development projects.
20 Error: Bad judgment. Erratic calculations
35 Necessity: Think through the situation carefully before acting.
37 Light: A sign of distinctions and awards.
49 Opponent: The occult and black magic.