10. Success (Oracle de la triade) - Understanding

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Success in all possible areas of life.

Monetary success through work. Awards and honors. Success through training or education. Diplomas. The number 10 also symbolizes a new beginning.

Keywords: Promotion. Aim. Money. Gold. Certificate. Good health.

Personality: A hard-working person. At the expense of personal integrity, engaging in tasks, career, and job. Knows how to try to achieve goals and objectives but might need a bit of encouragement now and then. Can be maybe a little too materialistic.

Love: The realization of a relationship for singles. If you have a relationship, the relationship is harmonious; wishes will come true.

Money: The economic situation looks good. You can have faith and confidence in all transactions and investments. Financial problems of all kinds disappear, and a solution emerges.

Profession and work situation: Success is associated with having one’s own business, management, and commerce. The card is business friendly. You can sign contracts. You can also make progress; increased profits can be the case. A promotion can be around the corner.

Personal or spiritual development: Success is associated with a sense of fulfillment. You have reached spiritual awareness and consequently developed trust.

Success in combination with other cards:

1 Alpha: A New Beginning.
24. Wealth: Lucky in money and games.
32 Illusion: Total disappointment.
34 Initiation: Success is achieved through an internship or training.
37 Light: Celebrity. Fame.
45 Time: Late but sure success.