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From a physical point of view, the card symbolizes everything that is related to the woman, first and foremost the uterus.

Eggs are in many cultures (Greek, Phoenician, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indonesian, Egyptian) important symbols.

The birth of the world from an egg is a universal concept. The egg with its shell protects the new life. The egg is creative energy. The egg may mean new life, or something new.

Personality: A person with fair hair and round shapes. The person is sweet, generous, loves children and young people. He or she is very intuitive, open, a good listener, likes communication and dialogue. The person gives a lot and gets a lot back but can also make sacrifices if needed. On the other hand, because of the quarantine, the person will learn about a higher reality, and is engaged in a spiritual quest.

Love and relationships: Feelings are deep but are not sufficiently expressed in long term relationships. The desire to have a child is present and can materialize (look at the surrounding cards or draw another card). For singles a new encounter is to be expected, a new acquaintance, a new date, a new lover. In general, the card is about the relationship that you have with the mother and with your own childhood. You are still looking for safety and protection.

Money: No obvious problems. The financial situation is stable. The card can, however, speak of a progression or regression.

Profession and work situation: Work with children and young people, such as teachers, educators, pediatric nurses, psychologist, and professors. The card indicates that the chances are great that you get a new job if you are unemployed. If you work on a project or other activity, the card will mean new responsibilities and new contracts.

Personal or spiritual development: A new spiritual cycle begins. Spirituality becomes deeper and the vision becomes clearer. Symbolic dreams can help you understand what is happening within you.

Keywords: Baby. Infant. Growing. Home. Evolution. Childhood. Education. Mother. Uterus. The belly.

Birth in combination with other cards:

2 Isolation: A lonely and difficult childhood.
3 Delta: Birth or pregnancy in the future
5 Water: Pregnancy. The baby will be a girl.
8 Nadir: Problems during pregnancy.
12 Seal: An important contract is signed.
14 Man: Pregnancy. The baby will be a boy.
15 Love: a new relationship; you meet a new man / woman.
20 Error: inferiority complex, blockages and inhibitions stem from childhood.
24 Wealth: Money shows up.
25 Woman: Pregnancy. The child will be a girl.
26 Ordeal: difficult phases in personal development; unwanted pregnancy.
29 Elevation: a sign of advancement.
34 Initiation: learn a lesson from the past.
38 Weapon: Abortion
40 Suffering: Losing a child or a seriously ill child.
42 Desert: infertility.
45 Time: Delays
46 Sacrifice: Abortion
50 Papyrus: Success in business, new opportunities, new contracts
51 Return: Child will return.
56 Brother: this is a sign of pregnancy – the babies will be twins.