52. Silence (Oracle de la triade) - Pause

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Silence represents music in general but is also associated with oceans and large lakes (the world of silence).

The card is also about keeping quiet to listen.

Silence represents a pause in communication and can sometimes suggest that eventually the truth will be revealed. Someone will talk.

Personality: A reserved, gentle, quite mysterious personality, which is still not shy. The person has a meditative character and is thinking before action takes place. The person is a good advisor.

Love: Communication difficulties, you think too much of something and you become obsessed with thoughts. If Silence is surrounded by positive cards the person will express everything that needs to be said in a calm manner and the relationship will improve.

Money: The financial situation is stable but small delays regarding transactions can be expected.

Profession and work situation: Silence is associated with musical professions. In general, it is rather the cards around Silence that can tell you more about the work situation.

Personal or spiritual development: A major event will create continuity in the questioner's spiritual vocation.

Keywords: Mutism. Calm. Mystery. Rest. Prelude of revelation. Mouth. Lips. Lungs.

Silence in combination with other cards:

4 Lie: the consistency is questionable.
6 Rot: someone is hiding significant things
8 Nadir: absolute silence
11 Temptation: we should keep to ourselves what we know, we should not talk about it to others, even if the temptation is present
13 Penance: silence can be harmful
15 Love: mixed feelings
22 Choice: we must think well before acting
24 Wealth: an unexpected gift
26 Ordeal: the work situation is blocked
30 Forgiveness: a unspoken agreement
32 Illusion: contacts with the music industry
36 Travel: Excursion to a lake, a sea or an ocean.
38 Weapon: someone wants to hurt you
39 Message: great news.
40 Suffering depression.
41 Justice: confessions needs to be made
49 Opponent: delays or blockages
51 Return: calm returns
53 Meditation: Inner search.