57. Omega (Oracle de la triade) - End of cycle

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This is the last card of the deck, the first being Alfa. The beginning and the end.

The card indicates a complete evolution, from negative to positive, from ignorance to knowledge, from the un-manifested to the manifested.

This is the end of a cycle. With this card, you finally get things done and action is required.

Personality: A mature person, responsible, who has enriched his or her life with past experiences. A warm person, that is generous, with a tendency to nostalgia. The person enjoys nature and the people around him or her. Very talented, and successful most of the time.

Love and relationships: The end of a cycle that has brought experiences and lessons. A new lasting relationship begins if you are single; if you have a steady relationship you go separate ways.

Money: Omega advises a change of attitude regarding money. One must be generous and help people around, one should help the family. If the situation collapses one must deal with the whole situation, taking control and put it in order, so that the problem is removed.

Profession and work situation: Omega is not about any profession. The situation is improving. Sometimes the card can suggest that a radical change must be made to achieve stability in professional life.

Personal or spiritual development: You've evolved as a person and the things that made you suffer are transcended.

Keywords: ACHIEVEMENT. AIM. ACCOMPLISHMENT. FINAILTY. END OF CYCLE. Ending. Illumination. Head. Brain.

Omega in combination with other cards:

1 Alpha: a decision will lead to critical changes.
3 Delta: the beginning of a spiritual calling.
4 Lie: things do not go as you want.
8 Nadir: the project does not go well or faces difficulties.
10 Success: success in all areas and at all levels.
15 Love: a steady relationship.
22 Choice: you have to start striving towards new goals.
24 Wealth: financial success.
33 Birth: positive changes.
35 Necessity: something is put away and you can start over.
36 Travel: exile.
42 Desert: you should not let temptations have power over you.
43 Key: You will find the solution to your problem.
46 Sacrifice: you can reach your goals at a price.
52 Silence: absolute silence.
53 Meditation: Spiritual evolution.
54 Death: a big change, things change completely.