43. Key (Oracle de la triade) - Solutions

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The card Key is associated with solutions and methods that help you get away from difficulties.

In Egyptian mythology, the Ankh symbol was the key that opened the door to another world. Keys are used to both open doors into the future and close doors to the past.

Personality: An open, charming, pleasant, sociable person who sometimes feels abandoned. He or she can go through mystical crises. This does not affect the integrity, the sense of responsibility, and honesty towards oneself and others.

Love and relationships: The card is associated with a serious relationship. The relationship will renew its strength; renewal of love, renewed passion, longing grows. Single people are about to start a long-term relationship.

Money: There are no specific problems. The financial situation is stable. All projects go very well. Objectives are achieved; for example, you manage to make investments or loans are granted, and so on.

Profession and work situation: The card symbolizes for the most part an important position in the hierarchy (they are the decision makers, owners, managers). The card represents a positive development in career or at the workplace. Entrepreneurial spirit. Taking initiative is appreciated and leads to advancement. A promotion or a new direction in career.

Personal or spiritual development: Spirituality holds an important place in your daily life. Faith is great and immovable. You may recently have been disturbed by events or dreams that create insight. In addition, you have a character that allows you to continue your spiritual quest in peace and quiet.

Keywords: Solution. Open. Close. Discovery. Accomplishment. Bones. Nervous system.

Key in combination with other cards:

2 Isolation: delay.
3 Delta: great success, lucrative projects, significant progress, advancement.
5 Water: Renewal of a relationship with a woman; an important woman brings opportunities, success, and solutions. This woman can have an important position compared with yours.
6 Rot: You must listen to the advice that comes from the family.
8 Nadir: disappointment.
11 Temptation: Do not let anything keep you from your goals. Be firm.
14 Man: You'll get help or advice.
25 Woman: A woman helps you.
26 Ordeal: You must have patience; you reach the goals slowly but surely.
31 Order: great responsibility.
32 Illusion lies, or fraud revealed.
38 Weapon: Someone is trying to destroy your life
40 Suffering: the project collapses.
42 Desert: efforts are in vain.
49 Opponent: your success raises someone's jealousy.