35. Necessity (Oracle de la triade) - Crisis

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Fate should have been the name of this card because that’s what this card is about.

In general, the card’s interpretation is rather negative, but love and relationships are an exception. This card means you are about to meet your soulmate, or you’ll start a relationship marked by fate.

The names of the Three Fates on the card are inscribed on this card. In Roman and Greek mythology, the fates were considered to determine people’s fate from birth to death. Their Greek names were Clotho, Nona and Atropos. In Latin, they were called Nona, Decima and Morta.

Personality: A person who is moody, nervous, anxious, lacking discernment. The person does not care about the rules at work and has an offensive and defensive attitude. The person loves order and to store things. If there is order around, the person is quieter and more social.

Love and relationships: A need to live with someone. The person is already selected. The person the reading is for awaits the soul mate. In fact, the card announces either a separation or the beginning of a new relationship with a new partner.

Money: Unforeseen financial problems, lack of money suddenly, yet the shortage is temporary.

Profession and work situation: The emergency room, fire brigades, fire fighters, ambulances and a clear need for change.

Personal or spiritual development: Even in this area the card indicates a change. You abandon a way of personal development that is not working or that isn’t good for you. You might also have an important insight.

Keywords: Destiny. Infallible. Obligation. Respiration. Blood circulation. Nerves. Legs.

Necessity in combination with other cards:

3 Delta: Revelations, hunches.
11 Temptation: mistakes in a relationship.
13 Penance: Failure.
14 Man: Help from outside, a man comes with tips and advice.
16 Mutation: A move in the future, a distance.
19 Prayer: Take a step back and look at the situation from the outside
24 Wealth: Unexpected gains and luck in gambling.
29 Elevation: a desire for change at the professional level.
31 Order: It is necessary to start solving problems.
39 Message: You receive news.
44 Lightning: Failure
47 Eternity: Unexpected solutions.
49 Opponent: Black magic or other occult things aimed toward the questioner.
50 Papyrus: An important contract is signed.
54 Death: Someone dies.
55 Fusion: A Wedding, a long-term relationship or partnership.
57 Omega: Success.