50. Papyrus (Oracle de la triade) - Work

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The card is associated with secrets that are revealed to those who know how to read them.

On the other hand, the card can be associated with commercial transactions and contracts.

Personality: The card is associated with a materialistic person who is ambitious, a leader who likes to exercise control. An important social position can be occupied by such a person because of both rigorous work and rigor. However, you can also confuse friendships and work relationships, and this can cause problems.

Love and relationships: Relationships become complicated because you mix work and private life.

Money: The situation is good and will be even better. The card can also indicate contracts, agreements and financial transactions.

Profession and work situation: Commercial professions, business, import, export, booksellers, writers. A webpage or blog. The card indicates successful agreements and a better work situation, regardless of profession or situation.

Personal or spiritual development: The person is too materialistic and is not interested in spirituality. There is no call in the spiritual direction.

Keywords: Contract. Business. Professional career. The skin. Written communications. Documents. Blog. Book. Publishing. Website. Script. Information. Notification.

Papyrus in combination with other cards:

4 Lie: false documents, false information.
5 Water: prospects for successful business is good
6 Rot: family, family contracts
8 Nadir: administrative problems
11 Temptation: corruption and dubious contracts.
12 Seal: commercial success or contract that has to do with a publication
13 Penance: fines and penalties
16 Mutation: a project goes well.
24 Wealth: significant gains
36 Travel: foreign affairs
38 Weapon: commercial litigation, lawsuit
39 Message: talent for writing, contracts concerning publications.
40 Suffering: Ruin
51 Return: a delayed payment, or payment reminder
55 Fusion: Contacts, partnerships, deals