27. Doubt (Oracle de la triade) - Questioning

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The card expresses the habit of constantly having many questions in one’s mind, often asking the same question repeatedly, overlooking the answers that come.

Without such questions, we cannot develop but we can also burden our consciousness. The card stands for disorder, confusion at one hand. On the other, the card is about healthy questioning.

Personality: A confused person who does not believe in anything and does not trust anyone or anything. He or she is suspicious, selfish and rather melancholic.

Love and relationships: Confusing feelings, dishonest emotions. The person refuses to settle down in a romantic relationship, preferring one-night relationships.

Money: Lack of organization in financial matters. For many expenses. The questioner may need help.

Profession and work situation: Instability in the workplace and problems in relationships with colleagues. The person is confused and does not want to change. It is possible that the right opportunities that stimulate personal development emerge.

Personal or spiritual development: An atheist who does not believe in anything, a lack of faith, and thus lack of trust. The card can also stand for a period of depression. The questioner should seek out the light, the positive, and raise his or her vibration.

Keywords: Confusion. Destabilization. Depression. Nerves. Psyche.

Doubt in combination with other cards:

1 Alpha: A period of introspection and reflection
6 Root: Difficult to overcome the past.
7 Door: Doubt, anxiety, fear of change.
16 Mutation: doubt, anxiety, fear of change.
17 Energy: hypochondria
18 Science: Too many thoughts. You must take a step back to see things from the outside.
21 Blessing: Problems in relationships and associations.
22 Choice: Indecision
24 Wealth: temporary economic problems
35 Necessity: Trying to avoid responsibility. 
41 Justice: Lack of self-confidence.
44 Lightning: Fear of separation
46 Sacrifice: You would rather not invest in a new relationship.
55 Fusion: The same, you do not want to invest in a new relationship.
57 Omega: Doubts disappear, and you reach clarity.