29. Elevation (Oracle de la triade) - Improvement

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Elevation is about movement upward, sometimes seeking divine union.

Things are going in other words well and you’ll get more of everything.

Personality: A person for whom spirituality is an important part of life, and that is interested in the occult. The person is intuitive, dynamic and likes to exchange opinions with other people.

Love and relationships: Total love, fidelity, but partially love is platonic. Other cards can tell you more.

Money: Money grows. Your performance is great, so this is a great card to appear if you have ambitions and goals.

Profession and work situation: The card is generally associated with jobs associated with construction, building, contractors, architects, but also with tourism. With Water, cruise agent and with Travel, a travel agency or guide.

Personal or spiritual development: The person receiving this card is investing in spiritual development. High convictions, as well as interest in personal development and spirituality. Propensity towards astral travel, clairvoyance, and premonitions.

Keywords: Ascension. Access. Augmentation. Departure. The back. Mountain. Stairs. The spinal column. Pineal gland. The legs.

Elevation in combination with other cards:

2 Isolation: A sign that goals must be achieved.
3 Delta: Spiritual seeker.
9 Wisdom: Change of perspective.
10 Success: Significant transactions, others recognize your qualifications.
12 Seal: A big contract
16 Mutation: you move.
31 Order: Elevation to a leading position
34 Initiation: Education or studies, training, work experience, to achieve professional development.
36 Travel: Success in relation to international business and other endeavors with other countries. 
37 Light: fame, celebrity
42 Desert: We should not get involved in anything unless we have a solid foundation.
44 Lightning: Temporary success.
48 Soul: Spiritual Evolution, dedication (in a stable relationship).
49 Opponent: Plans thwarted.
50 Papyrus: Important business and recognition of qualifications.
51 Return: Opportunities for change are for the time being blocked.
52 Silence: A person in an ivory tower that is unattainable
53 Meditation: spiritual commitment
57 Omega: Success thanks to a favorable position