34. Initiation (Oracle de la triade) - Education

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The card is quite mysterious with its indecipherable calligraphy.

The palm may represent Fatima’s palm that gives us luck, but in the palm, one can also read a person’s fate. The hand is what you use when you write, sculpt or paint.

The eye in the center is the invocation of divination. The number 34 is a transition between two different states, from the profane to the sacred.

Personality: An intelligent person, with higher education. He or she enjoys reading, learning new things, and can sometimes be picky.

Love and relationships: One of the people in the relationship is very intellectual and idealizes the relationship. Before there is any victory in the relationship, a long time could pass.

Money: The economic situation is well maintained and handled strictly.

Profession and work situation: The card associated with teaching: teacher, coach. The person is ambitious, wants to succeed and works very hard to achieve their goals.

Personal or spiritual development: The person has his roots in the spiritual world and would like to be initiated in a secret society.

Keywords: Teaching. Studies. Education. Learning. Training. Usefulness. Signature. Law. Intellectuals. Utility. Hands. Fingers.

Initiation in combination with other cards:

1 Alpha: Preparation
2 Isolation: A self-taught individual.
3 Delta: Success in theology
8 Nadir: Occult knowledge
9 Wisdom: Magnetism
12 Seal: professional success
19 Prayer: Spirituality is important in your life.
21 Blessing: Intelligence and professional success
35 Necessity: A training or preparation will be of great help professionally.
36 Travel: professional opportunities abroad.
37 Light: Success, the doors are open and a good reputation.
42 Desert: It's best not to be too idealistic or you may get problems.
48 Soul: We must rediscover our fundamental values, especially in a spiritual sense.
49 Opponent: Find another possibility because you reached a dead end.
51 Return: Regression
53 Meditation: Find your peace with yoga or something else so that you can relax.