30. Forgiveness (Oracle de la triade) - Relief

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The card has to do with the tolerance you have for others' weaknesses, sometimes one can even forgive the unforgivable, or tolerate evil.

By forgiving you create peace with yourself. Forgiveness is victory over the material side of life.

Truth is though often a condition for forgiveness to occur.

Personality: An idealist, a bit naive, but thrives in the community and enjoys social life. If betrayed, the person forgiveness and grace.

Love and relationships: Tranquility and calm returns after a chaotic time in a relationship. A partner wants to clarify a previous situation.

Money: If there are problems, the situation improves, or at least less problematic.

Profession and work situation: In general, this card indicates a strong interest in the peace movement. If mistakes are made at work, they will not be used against you. With card nr. 19, Prayer, it’s the card of the priesthood.

Personal or spiritual development: The person must release guilt. You must forgive yourself. Earlier ideas contradict today’s ambitions. You have changed.

Keywords: CONFESSION. APPOLOGIES. ARRAGEMENT. REST. Truce. Cease-fire. Blood circulation.

Forgiveness in combination with other cards:

1 Alpha: Work on yourself so that you can move forward or so that you can be of help to others.
6 Root: The past should be left behind.
8 Nadir: A great quote.
10 Success: Everything is going according to wishes and expectations.
11 Temptation: A person's advances are rejected.
15 Love: a compromise in a relationship.
17 Energy: In order to be able to calm down, you have to find the right relaxation method.
18 Science: Your intellect is eager to learn new things.
19 Prayer: Unhappiness, bad luck and regret.
24 Wealth: Financial problems are resolved.
34 Initiation: One should be humble.
35 Necessity: The same - humility is important.
38 Weapon: Good deal and payment in a lawsuit or dispute.
47 Eternity: One should avoid conflicts.
49 Opponent: The situation means that your credibility is questioned.
50 Papyrus: An arrangement is possible in connection with an administrative problem or clauses in a contract.