37. Travel (Oracle de la triade) - Distance

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Generally, the card means the search for new love, new horizons and new ground.

On the card, we have the symbols of the four winds and an island in the lower corner, which represents new ground, new visions, in a metaphorical or an actual meaning.

Personality: A happy person that is never bored. The person is constantly seeking novelty and cannot attach himself to anyone or anything. Sometimes the card stands for a stranger, a foreigner.

Love and relationships: The card represents the distance created between two people in a relationship that can be reduced by good dialogue. The problems that arise are not due to deceit, or unbelief, but rather one is tired of each other. If you meet a new person, the person is most likely foreign, that you meet on a trip or abroad. He or she may also work in tourism, or in relation to travel or boats.

Money: Too much money spent without case or on mindless entertainment. The balance must be restored.

Profession and work situation: Travel is associated with tourism related professions, or professions involving remote communication. Otherwise, ambition, but also a certain rashness may affect career.

Personal or spiritual development: Eventually astral travel. Seeing beyond what is visible.

Keywords: Trip. Holydays. Long distance. Exchanges. Communication. Other countries. People from other countries. Lungs. Nose. Belly. Tummy. Uterus.

Travel in combination with other cards:

1 Alpha: movement, traffic, circulation.
2 Isolation: canceled outings or trips. Garage.
5 Water: a long journey.
7 Door: positive evolution in career, progress at the workplace.
10 Success: significant economic improvement.
11 Temptation: an extramarital affair.
12 Seal: a contract with a company from abroad
15 Love: Falling in love with a foreigner or you meet someone that you like on a trip.
16 Mutation: Repositioning or opportunities to work abroad.
19 Prayer: Spiritual search.
23 Peace: holiday.
24 Wealth: an influx of money.
26 Ordeal: delay, something gets canceled.
31 Order: unexpected trip
34 Initiation: spiritual seeker.
38 Weapon: risk of accidents.
40 Suffering: A pause. Problems involving people from other countries.  Deportation. People from other countries suffering or oppressed. Car/Plane/Train/Bus accident.
49 Opponent: A rival or a competitor will intervene in your life.
50 Papyrus: Agreement with foreigners or overseas.
54 Death: Fatal accident.