28. Protection (Oracle de la triade) - You are safe

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The card is about protection, conservation, and rescue. It is considered a positive card that inspires a sense of peace and tranquility, as well as the awareness that human or divine protection is present.

Sometimes the card can stand for release of karma. Your karmic debts are paid.

This card usually tells you in a reading that your greatest fear will not materialize and that you are safe.

Personality: A balanced person with good principles who is available when others need him or her. He or she is a good listener.

Love and relationships: The card stresses sincere feelings in family life, friendship, social life, and intimate relationships. In a new relationship, the card indicates that the relationship will evolve for the better.

Money: The situation looks bright. Investments can be made, and they are protected. Businesses is going well, and so are all types of transactions.

Profession and work situation: The card stands for those occupations that are related to the social public sphere, such as social workers and teachers. In addition, the card is related to surveillance and civil protection, such as bodyguards, security guards, and the guards at the museum. More precisely, you have a manager or an employer.

Personal or spiritual development: You are in a good mood and you can continue towards success in spiritual and personal development matters.


Protection in combination with other cards:

7 Door: a favorable outcome
9 Wisdom: significant external support.
32 Illusion: false promises.
37 Light: Help from a person of influence.
39 Message: favorable time for project grants.
43 Key: goals can be achieved.
44 Lightning: Risk of loss of credibility.
49 Opponent: You might lose credibility
50 Papyrus: The projects will go well; you will continue to work with them until they are finished.