16. Mutation (Oracle de la triade) - Evolution

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A spiral that moves both inwards and outwards and has thus both a positive and a negative meaning.

Both evolution and involution are present.

Yet, the card is in fact neutral because of its gray color, seen also in Alfa, Man and Woman.

The card talks about our next step in our development or in life, but additional cards are necessary to figure out what Mutation is trying to tell us providing us with a deeper understanding. Usually Mutation speaks of changes, development and even relocation depending on surrounding cards.

Spirals and arrows remind us that life goes through ups and downs and that the road to success and achievement of our goals is never linear. Our goals or the final target is illustrated with the simple white rectangle.

Number 16 is associated with 1+6=7, leading us to the card number 7 (Door), a card of change and development.

Personality: Often a young person, a nervous, unstable, immature, and impatient person. He or she has difficulties with independence and is usually dependent.

Love and relationships: Emotions are uncertain. Besides that, one can go through tumultuous events in a relationship. The card can also mean that a new relationship is going to enter your life, or that new friends are entering your life. Sometimes the card means that you take a break from a relationship.

Money: Positive changes are taking place at work or in your professional life. Therefore, the financial situation is about to improve.

Profession and work situation: Usually a change of position or function, usually a change for the better. Otherwise, Mutation doesn’t represent any profession.

Personal or spiritual development: Spiritual evolution and a method of achieving a well-defined spiritual goal.

Keywords: Progression or regression. Moving. Legs. Intestines.  Change. Action. Emigration. Promotion. Evolution. Development.

Mutation in combination with other cards:

6 Root: Reconciliation with the family; moving to the countryside.
10 Success: Marketing.
11 Temptation: Party with others.
12 Seal: Change happening at work – another position; change of jobs. 
18 Science: Desire of change of profession.
29 Elevation: Marketing.
32 Illusion: Utopia.
36 Travel: Moving abroad.
39 Message: Resignation.
50 Papyrus: International business or business abroad.