2. Isolation (Oracle de la triade) - Stagnation

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Isolation, stagnation, delays, and blockages. Pension, detention, conflicts.

Things are blocked or stagnant for the moment and are not improving. Eventually the situation will change. Cutting off people from our lives.

Keywords: Solitude. Cloister. Depression. Jail. Submission. The stomach. Intestines. Nerves.

Personality: Passive, isolated, introverted; possibly there are inferiority complexes.

Love and relationships: Emotional disorders, complete isolation, spending time alone, and extreme loneliness.

Money: Financial problems have accumulated. Your financial situation is blocked for the moment. A delay regarding a payment.

Work: Administrative work. Stagnant professional situation. No development for the moment at work or in business.

Personal or spiritual development: You might not believe spirituality can help you right now.

Isolation in combination with other cards

4 Lie: Paranoia
5 Water: Conflict with the mother.
8 Nadir: Blindness.
13 Penance: Prison.
16 Mutation: Paralysis (figurative sense).
19 Prayer: The life of a monk.
26. Ordeal: Insanity.
32 Illusion: Drug addiction.
33 Birth: Infertility.
48. Soul: Escape