45. Time (Oracle de la triade) - Delays

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Usually, the card Time indicates a waiting time.

Something is delayed for a long period. Sometimes the card also can indicate a certain activity, e.g. a holiday. This card is mainly linked to the earthly plane.

Personality: A person who thinks a lot, home-loving, and who does not like changes. He or she likes her home and does not want to move. The person may in such cases suffer from depression.

Love and relationships: A heavy story associate of the card. Problems or mistakes in previous relationships. It will take some time but eventually when you’re more mature you’ll start a successful relationship that will last.

Money: Greed. A period of temporary difficulties and a certain lack of money.

Profession and work situation: Time is associated with occupations that are related to time: watchmakers, astronomers, meteorologists, and astrologers. Evolution is slow. Everything slows down. The person lacks ambition and is content with little. The card may also indicate that the person is hard to find a stable job and will go through several different jobs.

Personal or spiritual development: The spiritual journey is important for the questioner. He or she is an academic person who likes to read and write and is indeed growing as a person because the essential questions are asked.

Keywords: Duration. Change. Inactivity. Apathy. Bones. Digestion.

Time in combination with other cards:

6 Rot: You must live in the present and leave the past aside.
7 Door: Soon you reach the end of the tunnel.
8 Nadir: blockages and obstacles in life.
13 Penance: While efforts seem fruitless, we must have patience.
24 Wealth: The beginning of a new fresh period of time.
26 Ordeal: Delays in the completion of a project.
35 Necessity: You have to be patient.
36 Travel: Holiday
38 Weapon: Problems with the head.
40 Misfortune: Depression
42 Desert: Countless delays
43 Key: The situation is finally unlocked.
46 Sacrifice: A period of limitations.
51 Return: Impossible to advance or go further.
57 Omega: You give up something and decide to go on.