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The background is two-tones, we have both gray and brick red.

The symbol in the center is an atom with a yellow center. Around it, the spinning electrons.

The orange sphere symbolizes the sun with spinning planets and the sun is thus the energy center. In other words, the atom is a micro-universe with all the warmth, light and energy.

The earthy red color is also associated with the root chakra while the red lines make us think about a positive and a negative pole. 

The number 17 is associated with 1+7, evolution through action.

Personality: The card represents a very active person that always tries to excel. Therefore, the person will never stop trying to reach important goals. The person is active and doesn’t like passivity, always working on something. The result can be that he or she ends up ignoring friends and finds it difficult to show affection. There is a tendency towards rigidity and immobility of character.

Love and relationships: Relationships are unstable. In the relationship, the partners show very little regard for each other. Mainly, the reason is that work is more important. This card can also mean that the relationship is exclusively sexual. A relationship can also start with a co-worker.

Money: Work and the job is important, and the underlying drive is money and profits.

Profession and work situation: The card is usually associated with professions related to energy, be is electricity, oil, or nuclear power. With Science (18), we talk about physics, nuclear chemistry. Professional activity is intense and financial reasons are the motivating factor. The job requires great responsibility and the person concerned may have a leading position. The salary is important.

Personal or spiritual development: The spiritual development is arduous because the person sticks to a draconian discipline. He or she is eager to understand more and thus he asks more questions than necessary. This mental activity leads to fatigue and the need to relax. Acquired skills can be used to help and treat other.

Keywords: Strength. Pressure. Health. Vitality. Power. Effort. Electricity. Blood. Globules. Arms and legs.

Energy in combination with other cards:

2 Isolation: Independence, autonomy.
8 Nadir: Risk of hypertension.
11 Temptation: Many love affairs.
13 Penance: Physical exhaustion.
16 Mutation Risk of high blood pressure.
26 Ordeal: Irritation.
40 Misfortune: Depression.
42 Desert: Failure.