The tarot cards and their meanings

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A tarot card deck consists of two major parts. One is called Major Arcana with 22 cards, that are considered lessons. The other is called Minor Arcana with 56 cards, considered less important because they simply represent everyday events.

That is not necessarily true because all cars carry wisdom and lessons. Usually, their meaning builds upon some logical assumption.

Many cards in the tarot are bad but some interpret the reversed meanings of the cards too. The reversed meaning can suggest that there is a delay or that things are getting better in the case of the bad cards.

There are those claiming that there are no bad tarot cards at all. This is not true either. We can experience very negative things in life and the cards will reflect that. Saying that all bad experiences are good in life is an example of toxic positivity.

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1. The cards in Major Arcana

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3. The cards in the Suit of Wands

4. The cards in the Suit of Cups

5. The cards in the Suit of Pentacles

6. The cards in the Suit of Swords



0. The Fool: This card means a new start ahead with no previous experience of the new journey ahead.

The Fools Journey is the journey we take in life when we go through any situation unprepared and unskilled, but we make mistakes, we get disappointed, and we find solutions and learn. There is great potential within each and everyone of us, a potential that shouldn’t be underestimated. It is worth finding it but it might require taking a risk.


I. The Magician: The card means that you have great potential for success and that you can make your dreams come true.

II. The High Priestess: This card means that there is a higher guidance that you must listen to. Do not ignore the gut feeling and do not trust everybody. Somebody might even have private information about you and use it in secret ways.

III. The Empress: This card that creativity is going to be the new black and this will lead to abundance. You are intelligent and hard working. It can sometimes also represent pregnancy.

IV. The Emperor: Limits, obstacles and authority is the meaning of this card. There are certain rules that must be followed, and someone might even try to control you. It can also represent your own authority and stubbornness. Be your own king and demand respect whenever appropriate.

V. The Hierophant: This card can indicate social pressure and the way you can deal with it. It could be a spiritual teaching guiding you. Sometimes this card can also mean that you feel like others are not treating you kindly and you feel tempted to lecture them.

VI. The Lovers: If you find love, this card means that there might be a 3rd person in the relationship. It can reflect the fact that you end up getting in-between two people. You end up making a moral choice as a result.

VII. The Chariot: This card represents a need of taking control. You can take your own road in life. Sometimes this card can represent revenge and being bold, strong, and uncaring of those that stand in your way. It can also represent travel, usually by train.

VIII. Strength: The card represents hardship in life and an ability to endure almost anything. It can also signify stoicism.

IX. The Hermit: This card means that your inner light is guiding you through any kind of darkness. It could also mean that you spend most time alone. Reflection and introspection make you wise. A teacher or guide can appear.

X. The Wheel of Fortune: This card represents a change in life. Fate plays a role in what is happening. It is very difficult to go against one's fate.

XI. Justice: Usually this card appears when you are in search for justice and fairness. It can mean accusations from your part, but also problems with the legal system.

XII. The Hanged Man: This is a card of victimization and sacrifice. It can mean that the situation you are in is difficult and that you are in limbo, unable to move on. With time you will most likely find a solution.

XIII. Death. The card rarely indicates actual death. What dies is a certain relationship, or a certain way of seeing things.

XIV. Temperance: This card means that the balance in your life will be restored.

XV. The Devil: This card can represent external factors to your situations that you might not be able to challenge because you do not fully understand them. It can sometimes also represent some form of enslavement, and negative emotions such as rage and helplessness.

XVI. The Tower: This card warns that something shakes your world. It can be a loss. Usually, the card represents a new insight. You wake up to a new reality and a new truth.

XVII. The Star: This is a card of hope. You are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You feel that your life is beginning to improve.

XVIII. The Moon: This card warns that there is potential danger and that you have secret enemies that you might not be fully aware of. Try to stay safe. What is in the hidden in the dark will though soon come into the light and be known.

XIX. The Sun: This card indicates happiness, clarity, and joy. You are in the spotlight, and you might even enjoy it. This card can also indicate a wish to have kids.

XX. Judgment: This card, the final judgement, might indicate a lesson learned or some type of karma or punishment, depending on the situation.

XXI. The World: This card represents a journey but also the end of one phase in life. It is associated with relief and an ending. Sometimes it represents long distance travel.


The Minor Arcana is divided in 4 suits: Wands (energy), Cups (relationships, feelings), Pentagrams (Possessions, skills) and Swords (Difficulties, enemies).


The suit of wands is associated with the element of fire. Fire is all about willpower, enthusiasm, and physical energy. This suit and its cards give the impression of a certain constant struggle.

In astrology, the fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. They are strong and independent. This is what this suit represents too: Making it on your own.


Ace of Wands: Something new happens that will take your life in a new direction. It can be a new project, or you might move somewhere else. Usually, the new beginning will be very spontaneous. Not even you might be able to predict that it will take place.

Two of Wands: A new factor enters your life, and it can create a power imbalance. This can lead to a distance between you and a potential partner or associate. But on the other hand, neither do you like to have someone in your life that is taken or in some way compromised. You are better on your own.

Three of Wands: This is a card of exploration of new possibilities. You know where you want to go, and you understand that the road might be long.

Four of Wands: You reach your destination, and you are thrilled. A celebration is taking place.

Five of Wands: Frustration can arise because of a situation that might or not be serious. It looks like children playing and pretending to fight, but the card can indicate that you are filled with frustration because of competitors, bullies, and unfulfilled goals. You might even start a fight with someone.

Six of Wands: You are the talk of the town, for better or worse. This card can represent winning over enemies and obstacles, yet the attention someone gets can be because of any reason.

Seven of Wands: This is a card of self-defense and opposition. You might stand for something, or someone wants what you have and you have to protect it. Whatever it is you do not let anybody get near what is important to you. You might even have to deal with criticism and bullies.

Eight of Wands: Many thigs are coming at you very quickly. It could be challenges, communications, and information of all kinds. You can also become overwhelmed by your own many thoughts.

Nine of Wands: There is fear of what awaits around the next corner. You are not going to let any unforeseen event go through and destroy what you have worked for.

Ten of Wands: This is a person feeling burdened by all responsibilities, but you made it on your own and without any outside help.


Court cards can be confusing because they can represent both people and situations. Sometimes they can represent the one the reading is for. The court cards in the suit of wands will be charismatic, strong, and bold.

Page of Wands: All pages can represent children as well as childish behavior. It can indicate playfulness but also lack of tact and bad behavior.

Knight of Wands: This knight can represent aggression; a heated mood or a situation that evokes such emotions. If it represents of lover, he is probably not going to stick around.

Queen of Wands: This queen can represent true charisma, strength of character and self-confidence. It will normally show up to represent women.

King of Wands: This king represents independence and leadership. It usually represents men, but it can represent women too.



The suit of cups is associated with the element of water. Water is about feelings, intuition and going with the flow. The cards in this suit seem to represent feelings before, after and during relationships.

In astrology the water signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. These signs are sensitive all in their own way and relationships are very important to them while they also have a rich inner life.

Ace of Cups: The card tells us of a new relationship and a new emotion being generated.

Two of Cups: The card indicates a one-on-one conversation, a date or a meeting. If you have a special interest in someone, this card can suggest just seeing this person walking by

Three of Cups: The card represents a group of friends or a party.

Four of Cups: The cards seem to suggest that you are tired of everything. You might not see or care about invitations and opportunities showing up.

Five of Cups: The card indicates disappointment and crying over spilt milk. Things do not go according to expectation, or someone lets you down. It can indicate having regrets.

Six of Cups: This card talks about happy memories from the past.

Seven of Cups: This is a card that represents confusion, and sometimes thrill over one's illusions and wishful thinking. It can sometimes indicate someone who is high or drunk. When the card appears the best it to try and stay grounded and not jump to conclusions.

Eight of Cups: This is a card of letting go of your original feelings and thoughts and basically changing your mind as a result. It means that you do not hold on to your anger or resentment perhaps.

Nine of Cups: The card seems good because it reminds of satisfaction. It can also mean gaining weight and being a little too lazy.

Ten of Cups: This is a card of happiness and belonging to a family or a larger group in society.


The court cards can represent the querent, other people, as well as situations. The court cards in the suit of water will be sensitive and warm.

Page of Cups: This page represents a youthful shy boy or girl that is overwhelmed by emotions, unable to handle social situations especially if they are tough. This person is easily corrupted and manipulated because there is lack of self-control and maturity. It can also suggest that there is an interest in meeting a new person.

Knight of Cups: This knight can represent an attachment to someone or a love interest. But in general, it is a card that represents simply relating to others, making friends and allies.

Queen of Cups: This queen is the Love Queen. She is the Queen of Hearts. It represents a woman or a woman in a man's or woman's life. She is either in love or a very good friend.

King of Cups: This king indicates a need to handle social situations that might be tough. It can also represent a man that the querent might be dating but it is not someone to underestimate. If the Page of Cups represents emotional maturity, the King of Cups, is the master of emotions and social situations.



The suit of pentacles is associated with the element of earth, dealing with the practical and the material side of life. It is a suit of practical skill and know how. It is also about the rewards from hard work, such as money and status.

In astrology the earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. These signs value hard work as well as the rewards of money and status that they acquire.

Ace of Pentacles: This card represents a new material base or laying the foundations to a new source of income. It shows up to symbolize spending money or making investments as well.

Two of Pentacles: The card can represent an exchange. You give something in return to what is given to you. You take money from one place and put it somewhere else. It can represent mirroring and taking information from somewhere and presenting it somewhere else. It can also represent working with two things at once. But in general, it is an easy-going card representing having fun at least to some extent. Life is not boring.

Three of Pentacles: This is a very positive card because it shows that you are skilled and intelligent. It can mean building a business knowing that it will lead to material rewards, but it will also be something that other people will enjoy.

Four of Pentacles: This card can mean that you are jealous or that you are holding on to what you have with a difficulty of letting go. You might want something for yourself. You can feel bitter regarding eventual losses or bills. But on the other hand, it is still a good card because you can save money or to invest them properly.

Five of Pentacles: This card can mean not wanting anybody's help because there is always a catch. It can represent sometimes homelessness and social exclusion. Health problems are possible. When it comes to money, you might have them, but there might be a situation where you end up living from one salary to the next, or from one day to the other.

Six of Pentacles: This is a card of helping others or needing help oneself. It is usually a sign that money is within reach.

Seven of Pentacles: This card can appear when you feel like you must start over. It can represent a sensation of failure. You have not reached a desired goal and you are shifting gears. It also represents reflection over what to do next.

Eight of Pentacles: This is a card that represents meticulous work that requires great skill. But is can also represent stress, worry, and fear.

Nine of Pentacles: The card is positive because it is a card of self-confidence and material wealth.

Ten of Pentacles: This is a card that clearly shows that money is on their way. You get a bonus, a loan, or your salary.


The court card can represent the querent, other people or situations. The court cards in the suit of Pentacles are hardworking, meticulous, and reliable. They are aware of status and one’s place in the hierarchy.

Page of Pentacles: This card represents a child, or a student, and someone that is regarded as having a low status in society. At the same time, money does not represent a problem. No matter what the situation is, you get by thanks to your skills and intelligence.

Knight of Pentacles: This knight has something to prove. At the same time, it is a card of hard work and responsibility. There might be problems with trusting someone.

Queen of Pentacles: This queen will represent mostly women that rely on themselves with no real financial worries. But these women are also generous and kind. Some health issue might though need attention.

King of Pentacles: This card is a card of material manifestation and a good status. You have reached your desired goal. It can also represent the power over the material, as well as bank clerks or policemen. This card can represent both males and females.



The Suit of Swords is associated with the element of air, but it shows how we develop our mind and learn through the negative experiences in life.

In astrology, the air signs are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. These signs are about the mastery of the mind, and about objectivity, technology, and the bitter truth.

Ace of Swords: This is a very good card because it means that you have a new intelligent idea that will serve you well. Technology can also be used to reach desired goals. Sometimes it can show up to represent a changing state of mind. You might not do what you originally wanted to.

Two of Swords: The card appears when acceptance of the negative is the attitude. It can be positive because the person does not care about insults or what others think. It can be negative because the person lacks power to change an unfair situation. Either way, the person does not want to see the full picture or prefers to be blind to it.

Three of Swords: The card usually represents hurt feelings or an end to a relationship.

Four of Swords: The card can represent sleep and rest. It is also the card of a cold bed. Sometimes it can represent a hospital bed.

Five of Swords: The card is about winning at the cost of others.

Six of Swords: The card can represent a period of one's life that is very calm and peaceful, yet there is a lack of real happenings. The question arising here is: "Who is steering that boat?" It might not be the querent at all. You might think that everything is calm and okey, but is it? Check the red flags and be careful.

Seven of Swords: The cards can represent diplomacy, but it is also a card of manipulation, lies and deceit.

Eight of Swords: This card represents limited possibilities and living in a mental prison created by the lives of others. You might not see the whole picture.

Nine of Swords: Besides representing depression, this card shows up when there is a lack of sleep at night.

Ten of Swords: The card represents painful experiences in life. It can represent accidents and being hurt physically. It can also represent everybody turning your back on you. There is a risk of a nervous breakdown.


The court card can represent the querent, other people or situations. The court cards in the suit of Swords, are mentally strong and stoic, sometimes calculated. if they are driven by any emotion, it is probably anger.

Page of Swords: This page can talk to someone just to gather information and use it to for selfish purposes. It is the traditional spy card.

Knight of Swords: This knight stands for something and will not back down in any debate or conversation.

Queen of Swords: This queen is often a mature woman that is difficult to impress and that remains calm in the most difficult storms.

King of Swords: This king can represent both men and women, and it is a card of objectivity and technological skill. It can represent for example a computer programmer, a scientist, or a neurologist.  It could represent a machine, a robot, as well.


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