The 12 zodiac signs and what they are here to do

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The horoscope wheel does indeed consist of houses, but each house and planet also fall into certain zodiac signs. The signs represent different types of energies.

The ascendent sign is the sign that will correspond to your first house and its energy shows what you are here to do.


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and it is considered young and spontaneous. Aries lacks fear and will always be a pioneer. Through Aries the world is inspired by new ideas. Aries is cardinal fire.

Taurus is here to create beauty and money comes normally easy to him or her. Taurus is all about possessions and hard work. It is a very intuitive sign as well. Attachment will be a huge problem for Taurus as it is so hard to let go of anything Taurus loves. Taurus is fixed earth.

Gemini is about duality and curiosity. Gemini is restless in its search for something exciting and for a new provocation. Gemini finds it easy to communicate with others and is well liked, but this sign can also be rebellious. Gemini learns many things. But its energy is mainly about learning to deal with and cope with duality. Gemini is mutable air.

Cancer looks for safety and is easily threatened by other people's behaviors. It wants a safe home and is attached to the past and property. It is a very spiritual and poetic sign, nonetheless. This energy will help us build a spiritual house where anyone can have a safe place. Cancer should try and learn about accepting their vulnerable side. Cancer is cardinal water.

Leo is the sign that becomes conscious rapidly of itself. It is the sign of the self and the conscious ego. Leo is warmth and kindness but also pride and courage. It is a noble sign that teaches us authenticity. We are what we think we are usually. Leo is fixed fire.

Virgo is duty, hygiene, and hard work. It is a sign of paying attention to detail and a sign of discrimination. Virgo is both about finding a vocation and about having a healthy body for a healthy soul to be in. We tend to become unkind when we are not feeling good. Virgo is mutable earth.


Libra is a sign of balance within and without. What your relationship with the outside world is, has to do with yourself and Libra knows it. Libra is here to find balance in all things and take the middle way. Libra is cardinal air.

Scorpio, the most intense sign of the zodiac, is here to turn darkness into light. Sometimes that requires going through something very dark, but once you hit rock bottom the only way is up. Scorpio is also about magnetism, depth and the psychological forces ruling us. Scorpio is fixed water.

Sagittarius is the sign that knows it all. Through this sign we understand the world and we can aspire for something better. The fields of applied sciences and philosophies are ruled by Sagittarius. Sagittarius is though also about internationalism. Sagittarius is mutable fire.

Capricorn is all about reaching the top, but this is also spiritual endeavor. Power, authority, control, hierarchies, the military, are all ruled by this sign. Now and then Capricorn is the ultimate hero trying to save everybody. Capricorn is cardinal earth.

Aquarius, is the smart one, surrounded by books, often very stubborn and knowledgeable. Despite being a sign associated with society and friends, and having many of those, Aquarius is different, unique, seemingly unafraid to be himself. The genius of Aquarius is also associated with new technological inventions and futuristic thinking. It is on the other hand the occultist of the zodiac. Aquarius is fixed air.

Pisces is the mystic of the zodiac. This is a sign of creativity and duplicity because of the two fish. Seeing reality as it is can be a challenge for Pisces that enjoys living in a dream world. But that world is also a world of self-undoing. The challenge of Pisces is to wake up and accept the bitter truth. Pisces is mutable water.


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