The planets in astrology, their meaning and purpose

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You were born with different patterns in the sky helping you to become who you are by creating the necessary experiences.

In a horoscope chart, each planet is in a house and even if the meaning stays intact, it behaves differently or comes to different uses in different houses.


The Sun shows who you are in life. The sign which the sun is in, shows who you are. (The ascendant is who you aspire to become.)

The Moon is all about the home, the family, the past, and your emotional life and vulnerabilities. It represents the mother and yourself as a mother. The Moon is also about past conditioning, and our subjective world, something we are always trying to depart from and work with.

Mercury is all about communication and how we use our logical mind. It is about learning and short travel.

Venus is about love and harmony, creativity, and balance. This planet helps us create healthy beautiful attachments to people and get along with others.


Mars gives us energy and ambition so that we can get things in motion. It helps us initiate new action.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, learning, tolerance, and wisdom. It is about broadening horizons. It gives us a life-philosophy. It is associated with justice by some astrologers, and it brings us luck.

Saturn is limits, borders, hardship, and hard learned lessons. It is a planet of discipline, maturity, and responsibility.

Uranus deals with genius, with seeing things outside of the box. It is associated with a rebellious attitude and with group action. Sudden events can also be negative.

Neptune is the planet of deceit and illusion but promises creativity and romance. We let go since everything dissolves rather quickly in the presence of Neptune. Dreams and sleep are also Neptune.

Pluto is an intense planet. It helps us be strong and powerful.

Chiron is the wounded healer and can create pain in the area of your life that is touches.

The north node shows an area of life that will create some instability and a sense of crisis.
The south nose shows an area of life that you usually can master.


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