Pluto in Capricorn, Pluto in Aquarius: from conspiracy theories to ultra-individualism


Mars in gemini 2022,-2023, Mars retrograde in gemini 2022-2023

Pluto has been in Capricorn since the fall of 2008, and we have during the last 15 years seen power strengthening itself.

In Capricorn power is official and physical in nature and can be exercised outward towards the people.
Pluto is a source of power in itself but it also creates transformation. Capricorn is a power coming from decision makers, the state, the government, the army, the police and so on.

The so called woke movement has been a reaction towards a power that become stronger and more controlling.

The opposite is cancer, and cancer represents the people. If those in power, thought enough also of the people, the reaction, and the whole woke movement wouldn’t have happened.

According to esoteric and evolutionary astrology, we have to work with the opposite sign to evolve. The tensions between opposing energies must be concurred.

The solution with Pluto in Capricorn would have been to listen to the people, and find a balance, an equilibrium between the energy of subjective heartfelt emotional easily triggered Cancer and the objective unemotional Capricorn.

Another thing that took root under Pluto in Capricorn as a reaction to power, and surveillance, was living off-grid and the tiny house movement. These are the domain of Cancer.

Those in power have been called during this transit of Pluto in Capricorn all kinds of names, and they had many labels, from mundane to supernatural.

From next year 2024 onward Pluto is going to spend two decades in Aquarius.

Pluto in Aquarius will mean that we are going to see power coming from groups of people and through group membership. There will be lots of group think and group pressure.

Society must think also of the individual, that we are all unique. The opposite sign, Leo, is about individuality and individualism.

Fire signs will become more powerful, more charismatic, magnetic, and popular. They will advocate for individualism.

Pluto is all about transformations and change. These things will take place at the community and group level.

But there will be those who are left out, who cannot or do not want to become part of society or groupthink.

The reaction against Pluto in Aquarius will be ultra-individualism.

In an evolutionary sense, one should find a good balance between one's own individuality and society; We don't all have the same needs, although we have a lot in common.

Due to the polarization of recent years, two camps have formed: one that believed everything the mainstream said. The other camp opposed anything the mainstream said.

It was difficult for many people to find the balance between feeling and logic. Sometimes emotions took over, sometimes, there was no compassion at all.

Pluto leads to this way of thinking and thinking in black and white, all or nothing. A very high polarization can lead under Pluto in Aquarius to civil war.

In some countries, some regions want to become independent. This is not new, but now, they will most likely also succeed.

In a psychological sense, in Jungian terms, Pluto is the shadow.  It is difficult for people in general to look at one's own darkness and shortcomings, but it is what you need to do to develop in a spiritual and psychological sense.

We have also seen during Pluto in Capricorn women first gain some ground with the metoo movement, and then lose under conservative and tradition-loving Capricorn. Social media groups have also behaved very badly towards individual people, especially women.  Both male and female misogynism increased.

Capricorn is the sign of the police and the people have been playing police. Right from the beginning of this transit, the "if you see something say something" movement was created.

On the other hand, with Pluto in Aquarius, we will see groups such as women, homosexuals, transgender people, all kinds of communities, wanting to have their identities recognized and accepted. Many people will completely break from tradition.

However, society will go through technological changes. Transhumanism can also break through.

The dangers of ultra-individualism will be that many people will not concern themselves with how their actions affect other people, and they do not see any good in having a community to lean on.

But there will not be the same power hunger as it was under the time of Pluto in Capricorn. Let us hope so anyway.

Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23, 2023, and backs into Capricorn on June 11, 2023, due to the retrograde phase. Pluto enters Aquarius then again on January 20, 2024, until September 1, 2024, and finally from November 19, 2024, until March 8, 2043.

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