Lenormand Cards: Grand Tableau Reading

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Your 36 card Lenormand Reading

House of Rider (1)

News, comings and goings

House of Clover (2)

Short term sudden luck

House of Ship (3)

Travel, car, internet, abroad

House of House (4)

Home and family

House of Tree (5)

Health, Longevity

House of Clouds (6)

Dark thoughts, negative things, problems

House of Snake (7)

Manipulation, other women

House of Coffin (8)

Endings, changes

House of Flowers (9)

Luck, creativity, happiness, gifts

House of Scythe (10)

Pain, what is cut, what is broken

House of Whip (11)

Repetitive actions, sex, violence

House of Birds (12)

Discussions, interviews, gossip

House of Child (13)

Children, new things, small things

House of Fox (14)

Cleverness, self-interest, agendas

House of Bear (15)

Control, protection, large things

House of Stars (16)

Hopes, recognition, fame

House of Storks (17)

Changes, move

House of Dog (18)

Friends, pets

House of Tower (19)

Big buildings, institutions, isolation, companies

House of Garden (20)

Social life, community

House of Mountain (21)

Obstacles, heavy things

House of Crossroads (22)

Decisions, choices, possiblities

House of Mice (23)

Thieves, losses, stress

House of Hearts (24)

Relationships, emotional life

House of Ring (25)

Unions, contracts, marriage

House of Book (26)

Secrets, studies, revelations

House of Letter (27)

Documents, written information

House of Man (28)

The consultant, important man

House of Woman (29)

The consultant, important woman

House of Lily (30)

Maturity, wisdom, winter

House of Sun (31)

Luck, success

House of Moon (32)

Reputation, social success, intuition

House of Key (33)

Important things, solutions

House of Fish (34)

Money, alcohol

House of Anchor (35)

Stable, long lasting things, work

House of Cross (36)

Destiny, bad luck, religion

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