How to forgive others to find inner peace

It might require some work on yourself, but the results are life changing.

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It is very difficult to forgive people that intentionally caused us harm. But hate is like a poison that eats us up and therefore we need to forgive, and we don't do it for the mean person that caused us suffering. We do it for our own sake. To be able and ready to forgive, follow this advice.

1. It's pointless to hate someone because the hate itself doesn't cause the enemy any harm. The only person that this very negative feeling harms, is yourself.

2. By sticking to the negative feelings, you show the enemy that he or she has won, and really damaged your life. That really needs to change.

3. Each experience has something to teach you in life, that's the whole point of living. No one escapes bad people in their life. Think of him or her as the most precious teacher.

4. There is something positive in every negative thing. You should start focusing on it instead. Remember the happy moments. There are plenty of them, even if the person ended up harming you.

5. Some people have gone through the exact same thing. Talk to them. Let them share their wisdom. Life has not stopped for them.

6. It was not your fault. You did your best considering the situation and given your knowledge and experience with such people at that moment in time. You could not have known or ever imagined the consequences of your trust.

7. What a person does, is their responsibility. But how you handle it, is yours. It is therefore completely up to you to cut all emotional ties with the person.

8. Let the experience make you a better person. Understand what you do not want to be. If you thought this person's actions were to praise in some way, you would have some respect for him or her. You don't. By raising your moral standards, you feel more powerful than ever and you will look down on this person's actions.

9. Realize that many people around the world go through far worse things than you have gone through and still manage to move on. By comparing what you went through with something that is even worse, you may find the strength to forgive.

10. Realize that you cannot do what has been done undone. You cannot change the past and the only solution available is to accept the experience. What you can change is the present and the future. It's time to start living a happy life

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