How to avoid disappointment

Stop expecting so much of others.

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When people do not live up to their promises, when they don't give us the love and the help we expect, when they can't take away our pain or make us happy, we tend to feel disappointment. In a way, one ends up feeling betrayed. We forget our own responsablity and end up blaming others.

Avoiding this negative feeling can help us become more us, and more responsable for our own lives. The key is always the word "expectation". Many psychologists and spiritual masters have talked about this subject. People end up feeling down and depressed just because people around them didn't live up to what was expected of them. They feel betrayed and unloved or unappriciated since those they expected help from, didn't seem to care.

The solution is to stop expecting things from others. Even if others always have an effect on us in one way or another, we can't expect them to do the things that only we can do for ourselves.

Not living up to expectations is nothing that most people do intentionally. Things that might feel important to you, might not feel as important to them. And not everyone has stopped liking or loving you just because they do not keep their word.

Expecting other people to take away your problems, takes away your own responsablity. They can't take away the way you feel or think about the stuff that is going on in your life. Changing the perspective that you have on this is important.

Expectations also have something to do with the control that we have over the future and the happiness that we are able to derive from it. In certain cases, we're better off by assuming nothing.

Therefore, if you want your life to be a bit more satisfying, expect nothing, assume nothing and expect everything fro yourself without pushing yourself unrealistically hard. Do your very best, always, but have low expectations regarding possible outcomes. In this way you avoid disappointment and all the negative feelings that makes one unhappy.

Date: 2016-02-02


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