Study: What you eat can influence how you sleep

More fiber + less sugar + less saturated fat = better sleep

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Study: What you eat can influence how you sleep

When you eat little fiber but more saturated fat and more sugar, sleep is lighter, less restorative and more disrupted, according to new study. Therefore, diet quality influences sleep. In fact, a single day of greater fat intake and lower fiber can influence sleep.

A greater intake of fiber seems to be associated to more time spent in the stage of deep, slow wave sleep, while a greater intake of saturated fat is connected to less slow wave sleep. When you eat more sugar, there are more arousals from sleep.

The study also found that eating meals lower in saturated fat and higher in protein, selected by a nutritionist, makes falling asleep much easier.

According to the authors, the study suggests that diet-based recommendations might be used to improve sleep in those with poor sleep quality. However, future studies are needed to evaluate this relationship.

Study results are published in the January issue of theĀ Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine.

Latest update: 2016-02-04


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