Five Interesting Facts About Astrology

The history of astrology is not the one you might think it is.

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five things about astrology

The interest in astrology is today greater than ever and almost everyone knows their sun sign and reads at least the monthly and yearly horoscope. Somewhere there is a belief that a greater unexplainable force directs or influences our lives. Astrology is ancient knowledge and has never ceased to fascinate us.

Here are 5 facts about astrology

1. Astrology is neither science nor religion
Unlike religion, astrology is rooted in thousands of years of observations and calculations. The earliest astrologers where also mathematicians.

2. Few civilizations developed without regard to the stars

It is believed that astrology developed first in ancient Babylonia. The knowledge spread to Egypt, Greece and Rome. By the first century after Christ all people believed in planetary influences, regardless of culture and religion (Christian, pagan, Jew).

3. The Inquisition did not persecute astrologers

Only under the time of Constantine in Rome did astrologers experience some persecution. Thereafter, astrologers were left alone.

4. Medicine and astrology were under medieval times inevitably closely linked

Until the 1800s could hardly classify as a doctor if you had not undergone an astrology education. The positions of the planets and their impact on human health were used in diagnosis.

4. In modern age, some state leaders had astrologers

Hitler, Miterrant and Ronald Reagan are known to have used astrologers to make state decisions.


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