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11. Temptation

General Meaning: A young man with pale ash-gray eyes; there is intensity in his gaze. The snake and the apple remind us of the original sin in the Jewish and Christian tradition. The snake has dragon wings, symbolizing evil and temptations. It refers to carnal passions above all, but also to the negative side of man. The card is also connected to internal conflict and sordid instincts that eat us up from the inside.

Personality: An unstable person fleeing responsibilities. Driven by animal instincts and sensual pleasures, using individual charm to satisfy selfish desires.

Love: If you are single, you have a rival or an enemy. If you are in a relationship, you or the other person makes a mistake.

Money: One lives beyond means. Excessive and unnecessary expenses; this can lead to fishy things so that one can preserve one’s lifestyle.

Profession and work situation:The card is not associated with any specific professions. Rather, we're talking about a lazy person without scruples, that doesn’t hesitate to conspire to get ahead in life or even in their careers.

Personal or spiritual development: There are internal conflicts that make you depart from the spiritual path. A false prophet or indoctrination of false principles.

Water in combination with other cards:

2 Isolation: A sign of sexual blockages.
3 Delta: A provocative person.
8 Nadir: Harmful effects from a person.
13 Penance: Blackmail.
32 Illusion: Drugs and alcohol.
46 Sacrifice: A sign of suicide.
54 Death: A sign of illness and suicide.