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6. Root

General: The card is associated with number 6, the number of perfection. This card is about family foundations, origins. The card symbolizes family in a more general sense, traditions, values and parents. It’s also linked to the past.

Personality: Character attached to the land, family, old values. Conservatism but a balanced nature. A muscular man.

Love: Feelings are direct and simple, but there is love. A past relationship is still important.

Money: The material situation is good, but there is also greed. The family gets help from others.

Work: Manual labor, working with wood. Family business.

Spiritual: Dedicated individual, strong faith but is not open.

Root in combination with other cards:

2 Isolation: Emotional desert in the family.
8 Nadir: serious psychological blockages.
13 Penance: domestic abuse or around.
24 Wealth: wealth in the family.
40 Misfortune: Someone dies, possibly a relative, or a very oppressive past.