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24. Wealth

General Meaning: The Cornucopia horn is a symbol of prosperity, wealth and fertility. Wealth does not fall from the sky though. It comes usually with hard work.

Personality: A person with a desire to have more and more. Loves luxury. With a negative card the card Wealth can mean corruption.

Love and relationships: A flourishing love life, often with many adventures. If you ask about a partner and get this card, your partner is probably not loyal.

Money: The card can symbolizes inheritance or a loan. In general, the card will also mean that the economic problem is easily solved.

Profession and work situation: Wealth has to do with the stock market, banks, finance at a high level. The card represents on the other hand, also a person who finds balance in professional life and who likes to be noticed for his job.

Personal or spiritual development: The person wishes further development of the material and is not interested in personal development and spirituality.

Wealth in combination with other cards:

3 Delta: End of materialism
5 Water: financial support or sponsorship
10 Success: gambling luck.
12 Seal: a very lucrative contract.
17 Energy: financial investment gains, money grows.
20 Error: mismanagement of money.
22 Choice: we must give economic problems priority
33 Birth: a profit of good fortune.
37 Light: wealth.
39 Message: bills to pay.
45 Time: hard financial times.
54 Death: an unexpected expense.
56 Brother: financial support from relatives.