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23. Peace

General Meaning: The blue sky symbolizes mostly peace, serenity, calm. The sky belongs also to the divine. The papyrus leaf is a symbol of all the holy books where all the knowledge is available. The word Jerusalem that is inscribed on the card means “vision of peace”. The cross is of course a Christian symbol that means that peace returns after a period of time of crises and problems. Life will become calm again (like a new world after the Apocalypse). Delta (the tringle) reinforces that spiritual dimension.

Personality: A balanced person who inspires confidence. Charming, charismatic, likes to relax in nature, does not shun solitude because it allows him or her to get in touch with his inner poetic rich imaginative life.

Love and relationships: The card can mean a great romance. If you are in an established relationship, expect harmony. If you are single, you’ll meet a new person that you like, but you shouldn’t hurry.

Money: The card indicates that the time is favorable for investments and economic profit or economic growth.

Profession and work situation:Peace indicates a balanced and harmonious career plan, in which the desired position is reached. Jobs that have to do with humanitarian aid and charity are associated with this card. Along with some cards you can find out more:
3 Delta missionary.
14 Man: peace activist.
18 Science: peace activist.
25 Female: peace activist.
28 Protection: social services

Personal or spiritual development: This card indicates that we seek what is good, we seek the light. We feel whole because spirituality strengthens us as well as our inner power.

Peace in combination with other cards:

2 Isolation: It is a sign of a need for calm, a need for rest.
3 Delta: peace is found through spirituality.
4 Lie: we need to calm down because the risk eruptions of fury.
8 Nadir: Any attempt at reconciliation is doomed to failure.
11 Temptation: A person tries to create problems in your life.
13 Penance: Take a step back and see the situation through a new perspective.
24 Wealth: Prosperity.
29 Message: good news.
35 Necessity: need for calm, a need for rest.
36 Travel: holiday.
42 Desert: fatigue, a tendency to depression.
49 Opponent: nightmares, sleep disturbance.
52 Silence: a need for calm, a need for rest.